List of Best Restaurants in Barcelona for Tourists

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One cannot revel in the beauty of a city on an empty stomach. Barcelona tourism also serves as an epicurean journey for those who love to eat good food. Sensitive to their city’s rich cultural heritage and the expectations of the tourists traveling to that city, some of the best restaurants in Barcelona dish out some of the choicest Spanish cuisines found in no other city.

Which Are The Best Restaurants In Barcelona?

While you may be busy planning your next destination within the city, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona reputed for their unique culinary customs and serving styles. Some of them include:

restaurant 691397 640 Few restaurants across the world can compete with this restaurant in terms of gastronomic offerings and delectable palates served with style and grace. Much acclaimed for its impressive interior design, the inner decoration of this restaurant reminds one of a social club run during old times. While the food served here is mostly French, one gets exposed to exotic flavors as the chefs continue to experiment and renovate with different spices and condiments.

Bicnic: Past experiences and the intent to create something new by the team responsible for the success of Betlem resulted in Bicnic that managed to create an impression in the minds of its customers. Deemed as the neighborhood favorite, the restaurant has been designed in a contemporary style and is divided into two sections “FAST” and “SLOW”. Those looking to have a quick lunch or just grab a snack on the go will be served at the “FAST” section. However, travelers looking to revel in the gastronomical experience and enjoy a long meal will feel satisfied at the “SLOW” section.

La Barra de Carles Abellan: Owned by Carles Abellán, a name that the Barcelona food lovers reckon with. Be it the legendary food recipes like Tapas 24 to the extremely famous Succulent, the food served here needs no further introduction. The fame of this restaurant is in sync with its owner’s name and achievements.

Enigma: Well the name says it all. Shrouded in a sense of mystery, the guests can gain entry to this restaurant using the secret code they had been given while making the reservation. As customers walk to their assigned tables through the shimmering glass, they are served with some of the choicest menus, thus, lending them the most extraordinary culinary experience that lasts a lifetime.

Kaiku: A haven for the tourists and travelers who get served in the Mediterranean style. As opposed to most fancy restaurants with a fancy interior setting, this restaurant prefers to serve its guests outdoors so that they may enjoy the Mediterranean views while having their lunch.

Espai Mescladís: This is not a fancy restaurant unlike any other. If you are fond of food and do not mind sitting in furniture made of recycled elements, you may enjoy your meals here. Varied menus at reasonable prices ensure that the tourists not only have their stomachs full but that their souls are satisfied to the brim.

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