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Berkhouse Snyder give you those Electronic Dance Beats~ The 2 guys from Harrisburg PA give you melodic synth pop Hi NRG remixes with techno base, dance club disco infused rhythms and moody vocals. It’s a cornucopia of sounds that take over your body, a Retro Future style that exudes throughout their projects and the artists they work with on their label 1333 Productions. BerkhouseSnyder are  Charles Robert Berkhouse and Barry Allen Snyder, Charles runs the label and Barry creates all of the art for the releases and promo material.

Best put in their own words..this is how it all began: “After we had met, Barry and I started doing web site development along with producing electronic music. We would share our productions with people and they would encourage us to try to get our music out there. But, there was one problem, we didn’t like our vocals (of course, it’s our sound now)! So, we started designing our own website to feature our music but the problem was that this was still when there were dial up modems and it was extremely slow to load up the music and graphics. The other problem is that the people we were doing the other websites for (digital daytona and try orlando dot com) were not paying us and kept changing the deliverables. Anyway, we soon stopped doing websites for other people.

We got in to promoting the music a little and one of our early songs with Lori, The Things You Barely Said, ended up on a promotional CD and the next thing is it started showing up on the DJ charts! We didn’t even try to make this happen, it just did. So we continued to do music with my cousin, Dennis, and a female vocalist, Lori. We had some successes, music choice was playing a small amount of our stuff and the clubs in Harrisburg too. When everything kind of went away in working with Dennis and Lori, we auditioned Katie (who was doing theatre with Dennis) We even auditioned other vocalists, that was an experience!”  More Info please tic the website.

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check them out on https://soundcloud.com/berkhouse-snyder

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Katie Janes : https://open.spotify.com/artist/2q9BeLvqPmi99g6EunTJAy

Elle : https://open.spotify.com/artist/5GdcCZPq2XQFtJGcV6rGcA

BerkhouseSnyder : https://open.spotify.com/artist/5krLNXbNnexIqIu79O3A9X


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