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Lea G is back with her sixth release of the year – her second EP ”SURVIVAL MODE” – a collection of songs talking about mental health and being a young adult in today´s world in her special introspective way of storytelling and relating to her generation.

After a successful 2021 with the release of her debut EP “YOU(TH)” and having headlined The Notting Hill Arts Club in London, as well as racking up more than 150k plays on Spotify and 7 features as BBC Introducing, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter Lea G is now ready to jump into a new era.

“SURVIVAL MODE” is her second EP which clearly shows the artist has matured in both her sound and way of writing.

The five-track EP is the perfect combination of Lea’s unique take on singer-songwriter meets alt-pop, and her love for storytelling and relating to her generation.

Bringing back the much-loved acoustic guitars from the first EP and combining them with anthemic live drums, pulsing synths, electric guitars, and lyrically personal, raw, and introspective content, the “SURVIVAL MODE” EP feels big.

Lea G on the project, track by track


“I spent most of my life not fitting in, and I don´t think I ever will and I actually feel fine about it now. But when I was at school, I struggled with it, because I got bullied very badly and always thought there was something wrong with me. I wish someone had told me back then that I would find my tribe, and that not being normal would start feeling a lot easier once I would find my tribe. MISFIT is about embracing being different because you

´re not the only one who is and showing bullies your middle finger”


“Ever since I can remember, I have been scared of the future – especially the future of our planet. I wrote IRRELEVANT one morning in December last year when my head felt like it was gonna burst after feeling a lot of anxiety about the political issues that arose that day and my inability to do anything about it. IRRELEVANT is for anyone who sometimes feels like the world caving in on them and not being able to do anything to change it.”


“I wrote DEMONS last summer with my friend BROOKFIELD. I was in quite a dark place at that time because I didn´t really let myself process everything that had happened in my life during lockdowns. As I slowly started feeling everything that needed to be felt, it was all very overwhelming and I felt quite lost inside myself for a while. Writing the song helped me process some of that stuff, and made it possible for me to be more vulnerable inside myself and in front of others, as I realised I am only human and facing my shadows would help me heal.”

“SUICIDAL was the first track I wrote for the EP, the first two lines of the chorus were how it all started. At that time we were in lockdown and I would go on a walk daily and get lost in my thoughts. I generally need a lot of stimulation to keep my brain busy and sane, and as there was a lack of it during the lockdown and I was dealing with much internal stuff, I couldn´t help but think these weird thoughts. And I didn´t notice how bad they were until I said them out loud in front of the people in my life who love me, and saw how much it scared them. I wrote SUICIDAL to make myself feel okay about having thoughts like this, as long as I say them out loud and try to understand where they come from, and I hope it does the same for everyone who feels the same sometimes.”


“I wrote the fifth track on the EP about the relationship I was in during lockdown, and how coming out of it, I realised that I was never meant to be with that person. I think writing it helped me forgive myself for not ending it sooner, as I realised that I never felt truly alive with them and settled for something I didn´t really want.

It´s also a song about finding your path again and processing the pain you didn´t realise you were going through for a long time.

I decided to make this the title track of the EP as it reflects my thoughts and feelings and things that I went through and learned over the last year when I was in SURVIVAL MODE rather than being truly alive.”

The project was written with Nashville Songwriter Blake Densmore as well as up-and- coming producer BROOKFIELD who also recorded and produced the project. “SURVIVAL MODE” takes you on a journey into the darker sides of Lea´s mind and the songs on it are bound to be the new anthem of her generation.

If you like the music of Holly Humberstone, Jeremy Zucker, Girl in Red, and Orla Gartland, then you´ll love Lea G.

About Lea G

Born and raised in the Austrian Mountains, Lea G first fell in love with music at the age of 6 when singing in her school choir.

Now based in London, Lea made the move to pursue music full-time in Autumn 2019, where she attended a course in Songwriting and A&R at the Notting Hill Academy of Music.

Lea’s songs are best characterised by their bold, yet relatable messages conveyed through catchy hooks and nostalgic melodies with influences ranging from Jeremy Zucker, and Sigrid to Florence and The Machine.

Her fresh pop energy collides with her acoustic style and angelic effortless vocals, emitting a comfortable and familiar aura. As an artist, Lea has accumulated over 10K followers across social platforms and 11k monthly listeners on Spotify via her unique take on bedroom pop, and an infectious and playful personality.

Lea has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Her 2nd EP “SURVIVAL MODE”, featuring 5 songs about mental health, being different, and coping with being a young adult in today´s world, is to release in September 2022.



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