Late Bloomers Still Bloom: It’s Not Too Late To Try New Things ‘

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Life has a strange way of feeling like it’s on a track. Society reinforces the idea that a life well-lived is one where you can clearly see the path that will carry you from your education, through your career, to your retirement and the end. 

Along the way, there will be family, friends and a few vacations.

Stability is highly valued because it means people can focus on following that track.

But here’s what too many people fail to consider: Every path will lead to the end. Some paths are longer than others, and some are rockier as well. 

The idea that it’s bad to step off the path from time to time is a societal construct. A life well lived is filled with learning, challenges, and variety.

Once people find a career, it seems like most are content with work, holiday, repeat for decades. Ask those people what’s new, and it’s some unexpected hassle that’s arisen because everything else is the same.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Embrace learning new things. Step off the path from time to time.

Be unique

Start with something new you want to learn. Always wanted to be an Olympic weightlifter? Find an oly-lifting gym, find a good wrestling uniform manufacturer and some weightlifting shoes.

When trying to find a hobby, base it around something that you’ve always wanted to do rather than something that is convenient. Don’t check a list of local events and decide to do something because it might be okay, pick something that pulls at you from within.

Because whatever it is that makes you have that feeling, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge it. Unless you want to go to the moon. Look, it’s not impossible, but the moon is a distant, cruel mistress.

Want to learn how to sail? Find a teacher (and probably a boat). Want to learn how to climb a mountain? There are so many places to learn how to climb.

Want to go to the moon? Seriously, relax with the moon stuff. Don’t be the person who gets three wishes and asks for infinity wishes.

Reject age appropriateness  

The other thing people run into is the concept of what is age-appropriate. The concept of age appropriateness is by and large ridiculous. The older we get, the more we are blessed with not caring what other people think about us. Other people don’t earn our money, pay our bills, live our lives.

So, if you want to start learning karate at age 40, go be that 40-year-old white belt. The moon is in need of karate masters.

Embrace things that challenge you, even if they seem like a young-person’s game. Want to learn how to skateboard? Who doesn’t? Skateboards are super rad and who wouldn’t want to know the thrill of landing a super sweet kickflip.

And if you make it to the moon, think how hard you could shred on those moon rocks. Also, the gravity situation will let you get some sick air on your ollies.

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