Lace-Ups Don’t Always Have To Break the Bank

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When it comes to coming up with outfits, many are firm believers that fashion starts from the bottom up, and if you’re a shoe fan you’ll definitely agree that people notice your feet first.

This is why having a stylish pair of lace-ups is a must if you want to enhance your look. There are many kinds of lace-up footwear, such as boots, flats, wedges and heels, and it’s important to wear a pair that complements your whole ensemble.

With all these styles available from various brands, it’s definitely a challenge to resist the urge to get one in every style lest you end up deep in debt. However, you can have a fashionable set of lace-ups without breaking the bank, and here’s how.

Purchase lace-ups using coupon codes.

Coupon codes are probably one of the best things the online shopping universe has come up with, and for good reason. They give you great deals on products and services from different brands—products and services you otherwise wouldn’t go for because they don’t quite fit your budget. Coupon codes for shoes will give you instant savings on that coveted pair of lace-ups you know will go well with almost everything in your wardrobe. You should get yourself a Public Desire coupon code to get more money off Public Desire’s latest lace-up collection, which you can then apply at checkout.

When shopping for shoes online, make sure you have a coupon code with you that would give you access to discounts on lace-ups from your favorite brands. Some coupons even give you money off your next purchase and free delivery when your orders reach a certain total amount.

Shop for branded shoes for less at factory outlets.

Branded lace-ups are hot and trendy but unfortunately, come with a price tag that will make you look away. Good thing there are stores that offer authentic branded shoes for half the original price, sometimes up to 90% less! Factory outlets are where you can find unsold items from brands’ boutiques as well as pieces that never made it to the store because the manufacturer produced too many of them. For lace-ups that won’t eat up your clothing allowance, check out these stores where you can grab a bargain on high end shoes.

Sign up for company newsletters for exclusive discounts.

Why pay full price for lace-ups when you can buy them at a discount straight from the brand’s website? One way that companies keep their customers coming is by offering them discounts on products, so if you’ve been following that brand on social media, Pinterest and Lookbook, it would be to your advantage to sign up for the company website and newsletter as well, where you can get notified about special promos and discounts exclusive to account holders.

Shopping during the brand’s off-season sales can also help you score a pair of fancy lace-ups at a fraction of the cost of the original price, but you have to be quick to make sure the shoes you want in your size are still in stock.

Some brands even have a loyalty program in place that will give you points for every purchase you make. The points you earn can then be used towards your future shoe purchases. Make sure you log in before shopping!

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