Kyros Shines On Explosive New Single ‘Esoterica’

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Prog-synth-rock sensation Kyros is back with a bang, releasing their highly anticipated single ‘Esoterica.’ Following the success of their previous hits, ‘The End In Mind’ and ‘Illusions Inside,’ the four-piece band is once again making waves in the music scene with this intense and cinematic masterpiece.

Fresh off a summer filled with sold-out live shows across the UK, Kyros is known for their fiercely unique and genre-bending musical approach. While prog-rock forms the heart of their sound, ‘Esoterica’ showcases an exhilarating fusion of nu-wave synths and infectious pop melodies.

The journey into ‘Esoterica’ commences with a pulsating, rhythmic bass arpeggiator and powerful drum beats, instantly immersing listeners in an electronic wonderland. As soaring guitars, layers of synths, and enchanting backing vocals gradually join the mix, Kyros presents a sound that draws comparisons to the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, and YES.

With the introduction setting the stage for the band’s distinctive sonic brand, the vocals soon emerge, revealing a captivating centerpiece. The track steadily builds to an unexpected, anthemic chorus, featuring a stylistic piano line influenced by House music. The urgent lead vocals gracefully soar above the musical landscape, creating one of Kyros’ most impactful and commercial moments to date, all within an intense and complex soundscape.

As the song progresses, Kyros embarks on a journey through a dynamic sonic landscape filled with an array of textures, key changes, and synth-driven punches. Distorted guitars add depth to the mix, resulting in a sprawling, euphoric, and truly breathtaking musical experience that showcases Kyros’ exceptional abilities as both performers and songwriters.

Explaining the concept behind ‘Esoterica,’ the band members shared, “‘Esoterica’ explores the journey towards enlightenment, grappling with inner turmoil to eventually find clarity. It’s about confronting the darker sides of oneself and calling out for a deeper understanding, ultimately finding light in truth.”

Kyros has solidified its reputation with their synth-heavy prog-rock sound and has earned acclaim for their unique musical approach and high-energy live performances. With a fiercely DIY ethos, Kyros continues to captivate audiences and push musical boundaries, ensuring their place in the forefront of the progressive music scene. ‘Esoterica’ is the latest testament to their unwavering commitment to sonic innovation, and it’s a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking a genre-defying experience.

KYROS - Esoterica (Official Video)
Written, recorded and produced by KYROS
Mixed by Shelby Logan Warne
Mastered by Joey Frevola
Video by KYROS
Published by Magick Eye Publishing
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