Kris Angelis Releases New Music Video For That Siren, Hope

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Kris Angelis fights for her last shred of faith in the video for her new single, “That Siren, Hope.” Whether she’s running across the sand towards a lighthouse that doesn’t exist or fighting for her breath as she reaches desperately for the surface, Angelis struggles to trust, not only in herself but in the hope of breaking free. The cinematography traverses long stretches of beach and underwater shots that will take your breath away, making for a genuinely picturesque cinematic experience. The ocean stands in as the lover that refuses to tell you which way is up or down, but it’s Angelis stunning vocals and pristine arrangements that tell the story of the moment when all hope is lost. Check out the video for Kris Angelis’ “That Siren, Hope,” out now. 

That Siren, Hope - Kris Angelis - Official Music Video

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