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Kill Sick Time Without Losing Your Mind

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Most people agree that there is nothing worse that catching an illness. The path to the recovery is long, and it is often painful as you reconstruct your health and your balance.

But before you find the mental and physical strength to walk back the path to full health, there is a period of time – long or short – during which your health has to wait until you are ready to get the control back. It’s never easy to wait without developing negative feelings about the body that is failing you. Depression, anger, hatred, disgust, the feelings of illness are numerous. But you shouldn’t listen to them: These feelings are stopping you from getting better. It may seem more easily said than done, but there are a few tips that you can follow to keep your mind focused on getting better.

Time to get better

Reconnect With Your True Self

It’s only when things stopped moving around you that you realise that you’ve lost contact with yourself. Being left alone with yourself for sole company can be overwhelming for many. It’s difficult to stay positive when your thoughts and fears are around each corner of your mind. Modern life can put an unhealthy distance between what you do with your life and what you care about. From time to time, it’s good to make the most of the time you have to reconnect with your true self: Sit down and remember what the little kid wanted to become. It’s never too late to show your inner child that you are still caring and there is still a lot of affection.

Dive Back Into Your Classics

Having too much time on your hands can be overwhelming. What should you do with all that time? Just take the time to enjoy yourself. If you find yourself stuck at home for the time of your recovery, why not dive back into the classics and watch some of your favourite cult films. If you are looking for affordable options to watch the latest films from the box office, you should check this list of the best free movie apps. If films are not your thing, you could turn to some of the classics of the literature, from the Lord of the Rings to the thrilling John Le Carré. The time you spend discovering the stories of others is never wasted.

Spend Time With Those You Cherish

If you are lucky enough not to be contagious, it’s time to make the most of your recovery days to spend these in good company. Reconnect the link with your friends and your family; you will feel filled with a new form of positivity. Sharing friendship and affection with others is the best way to feel good about life and yourself. There is no best remedy to the boo-boos of life than good company! Whether you choose to invite them over, if you are feeling too weak to visit, or whether you plan a cozy weekend together, what matters is to create new memories to love and cherish.


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