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The keto diet has become incredibly popular over the past few years. The concept is to stay in a state of ketosis so that our bodies start to use fat as an energy source, rather than relying on carbs. For this, those following a keto diet will focus on foods with high (good) fats and low carbs. In this guide, we’re showing some of the best low-carb, high-fat alternatives to your favorite foods.

Nut butters

Nut butters have been haloed as a superfood in the health and dieting world for quite some time, but they’re not ideal for a keto diet. Seed butters on the other hand – like those by Beyond the Equator – combine five seeds to create a tasty, low carb and allergy free alternative. Click here to visit Beyond the Equator for free to find out more.

Wraps and bread buns

Wraps and bread buns are obviously the first to go when it comes to a low-carb diet. Even wholewheat alternatives don’t cut down enough carbs for ketosis. Instead, vegetable options are suggested. A halved avocado or portobello mushroom can become a messy but delicious burger bun, while your favorite lunchtime mix can be wrapped in lettuce leaves for a crunchy feast. Along with this lunch, you can add ketogenic chocolate for making them fulfill your best alternative diet.

To replicate the same crispy taste as breadcrumbs for chicken or fish, almond flour or blended cauliflower can be used. This is also recommended for those looking for a gluten-free diet. Another alternative for breadcrumbs is pork rinds. They have 0g of carb and can quickly be smashed into a breadcrumb texture.

Pork rinds also work as a meaty snack in replacement for chips.

Mashed potato

On the topic of cauliflower, this superfood can be transformed into a whole range of different foods – for example, making cauliflower-based pizzas. Another option, however, is cauliflower mashed potato. Normal mash is high carb and starchy, while the cauliflower alternative can taste just as good. Add a sprinkle of cheese for a creamier texture.


If you can’t live without a delicious carbonara or Spaghetti Bolognese, you’re in luck. There are plenty of pasta alternatives popping up on the market. Everything from chickpea to zucchini can help get your pasta fix. Invest in a spiralizer, and you can make pretty much anything into long threads of spaghetti.


Of course, what would the world be without fries? Sadly, this hugely popular side dish is pretty bad for the keto diet. If you’re diving into a burger or want something to go with your almond flour breaded chicken, you’re going to need a fry alternatively. Opt for finely sliced turnip, sweet potato, or zucchini. Roast the pieces with a little salt and then fry for a final crispy taste.

These are just a few of the best alternatives for your favorite foods when practicing keto. Keto diets require full commitment as once you start bringing in more carbs, your body will quickly switch back to this and stop using up fat for energy. Thankfully, its popularity means there is a huge range of ways to treat yourself to your favorite foods without breaking the diet.

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