Juniper Honey Releases New Single Tell Me

Excitement fills the air as rock band Juniper Honey unleashes their latest single, "Tell Me". Fans eagerly await the band's new musical masterpiece. In this post, we dive into the vibes and inspirations behind this much-anticipated release.

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Tell Me is a song about when relationships end unexpectedly. Jake Hesse (lead vocals/guitar) originally wrote the tune after a girl he felt a connection with ended things abruptly. His vocals take listeners on the emotional journey of an ex never telling you why. “It felt like being tricked or like waking up from a dream,” Hesse said.

Tell Me’s diverse dynamics express his confusion, sadness, and frustration through delicately crafted, heavy reverb sections with a grunge edge. The band worked together on the song in Jake’s garage, and then finalized it with Utah-based producer Greg Downs of Pale Horse Sound. “We worked hard on finalizing each song once we were in the studio, and I remember this one having one of the biggest arrangement changes compared to the others,” Hesse said.

The four 20-year-old Southern California natives that make up Juniper Honey may not have a lot of relationship experience, but they know what it’s like to want something more. The boys first met while in separate high school bands, but eventually joined to chase their dream of creating unique indie rock music that their generation can connect with. 

Jake Hesse (lead vocals/guitar), Donovan Hess (drums), Cason LeSueur (guitar), and Josh West (bass) officially became Juniper Honey in 2023. With a few homemade numbers already out, the group immediately hit the studio and added four fresh sounding singles to their catalog. The guys have been stuffed into a minivan for the last few months, on the road to promote their new sound in college towns like Seattle, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and San Diego. They are looking forward to touring nationally in support of their first full length album, The Airmotor Chicago, which releases this summer.

While the worn out converse and shaggy hair reveal their surfer-kid roots, Juniper Honey’s music conceals a depth and maturity beyond their years. Their tireless work ethic and the success of their early singles caught the attention of Pale Horse Sound and has opened doors around the country for their upcoming tour. Maybe soaring monthly listens and a successful single is all the closure they need.

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