Jesse Neo and Milana Leybovich

Jesse Neo and Milana Leybovich’s Gemtracks is a Great Launchpad for Artists

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Technological stagnation, in terms of collaborating and showcasing music, has been the norm for years in the music industry. So what does it take to move away from this inactivity and support creativity?

Two shining examples of change and talent, Jesse Neo and Milana Leybovich, both of which have been working in the music industry for over 15 years, have come together to harness the digital revolution in how beats are bought and sold. This was the beginning of Gemtracks, a great marketplace for music.

Jesse started out as an electronic artist in 2017 but has been a classical musician since he was seven. Since then, he has worked for several record labels and media companies as songwriters.

“Gemtracks started out as a marketplace where I sold unused beats and instrumentals that I have composed for other artists to purchase,” Jesse told us. “Eventually, the website got so popular that I was pretty much selling one beat each day. This may not be a lot, but the price for each beat ranges from $159 to $600.”

Seeing the huge traction on Gemtracks, Milana, who has been busy lending her voice to Disney and her own band, Nuthin’ Under a Million, decided to form a partnership with Jesse in a bid to grow Gemtracks into a public marketplace.

“What I saw happening to Gemtracks was very exciting,” Milana revealed. “If one person could use the website earn some side income, imagine how much more could be earned if it was a community marketplace place. That’s when I decided to also get involved in this project.”

Today Gemtracks has risen considerably and has attracted a lot of promising producers who once worked with Sony, Warner and Universal. Taylor Carroll, Lucas Gold, Beowülf and I.Y.F.F.E. are among the hundreds of producers who frequent Gemtracks to sell their beats and offer audio engineering services.

Gemtracks is already a popular marketplace but Jesse is excited about taking it to the next phase. Not long ago, the features of hiring freelance musicians and booking recording studios were added to the website. It will soon be a distribution and marketing company as well, stemmed by the immense knowledge about the industry that Jesse and Milana have both been exposed to.

Besides the commercial nature of the website, there are also many free resources for artists as well. These include a blog, eBooks, videos and tutorials to help musicians under more about how the industry works, how to market their music, and how to be more creative.

“It’s just so exciting to see the world being changed by technology,” Jesse told us. “With the internet being an important part of our lives, it’s great to see that artists can now get all the resources and assets they need without having to leave their homes.”

If you are looking for a space that provides a level playing field for artists buy beats, then Gemtracks is what you should sign up today.

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