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For those of you that believe rock music is dead, meet Jax Hollow. Jax Hollow is a Revival Rock artist and singer-songwriter hailing from Nashville, TN. Jax has debuted on the scene with a fresh and unique blend of classic rock, blues, and rock & roll.

Her music stands out with a refreshing pop spin on the throwback rock music explosion. Like a
blend of Jimmy Page, Pat Benatar, and Chris Stapleton, Jax Hollow is a performer that’s here to
stay with her incredible musical chops, heart-piercing voice, and authentic songwriting ability.
Jax Hollow was created during the summer of 2020 as the stage name of Jess LaCoy.

The journey began with her creating a series of one-take music videos; no edits, just raw, live and
intimate performances underlining the core values of her songwriting and artistry. Her videos
caught the attention of two legendary rock producers, Ron Nevison (Zeppelin, Heart) and the 90
million+ album-selling legend, Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row), the latter with which she
worked to create her debut Jax Hollow album, Underdog Anthems.

What would you be doing right now if it weren’t for your music career?

This is sort of oddly a very important question to me right now. This is a small saga- but the only one I promise! So, just a week ago, I found myself at an invitation only (super exclusive, and had no right to be there in the first place kind of private music industry event) on the sixth floor of the Country Music Hall of Fame. How I got in is a mystery. But there I was, standing eight feet away from Luke Combs getting ready to sing to the biggest wigs in radio and record labels, as a thank you for all the celebrated success. And he starts talking about this new song I’ve never heard before, saying he never knew what to say when people asked him this exact question. So he wrote a song about it. And I swear to god I was like, oh boy.. here we go, a song about trucks, beer, and cheap dates.. and then he pours his damn heart on that stage, singing straight to me and my friend (total underdogs who make our money playing covers on Broadway- right below his feet) saying these words; “I’d have a Friday night crowd in the palm of my hand. 

And that chorus nearly cut my head off clean. I was proudly crying like a damn fool, fists clenched, eyes fixated forward, standing tall, just having a total out-of-body experience. That kind of power just makes you WEAK. But you feel the second hand smoke from that ignition and prove me wrong, that fire from a raw song like that- better than any vice I know. End of story. I just think it’s important to share because that was straight up magic. And I agree 100% with him. I’d be doing the same. 

In your opinion, how do artists in this industry stay on top of the game when faced with so much competition? What’s the secret to making yourself noticed?

Your unique perspective is your super power. If you’re spending your time trying to fit in a box or sound like someone else, you’ve lost the race because that person already exists times ten. That being said, it’s a hard game to be placed in a genre when you’ve got your toes in five. But being true to you and expressing yourself, I think will always win in the long run. » 

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Give us a chance! People are hungry for music that moves them. Don’t be so formulaic. Not every country song needs an 8 bar guitar solo before the B section. Not every rock song needs to be a fat worm wav file, fast and loud all the time. Dynamics are awesome. Diversity is awesome. 

How would you describe your music?

I’d love to know, it’s hard to say. Rock is a blanket term.. there are blues, roots, Americana, heavy rock, singer songwriter, southern rock, a lot of all that. I like that biting, soulful and high energy stuff. 

When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

We all want something timeless, with gravity. Man, almost the reason we keep creating is that “one more toss of the dice” and your life changes. Jurassic Park style paleontologist dude, maybe searching his whole life to find one vertebrae of an undiscovered dinosaur. I might be over the top, but imagine if you discovered a Hotel California! That’s the purpose I suppose. And it’s fun af. 

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I believe writer’s block doesn’t exist! But a preoccupied mind can turn 40 minutes of focused creativity into hours even days. Sort of like those shows where people are “unlocking their chakras” or however you connect to the powers that be, the more open you are to receiving gems, the bigger the net for collecting them. There’s weed too (lmao)! 

You are a new addition to a crayon box.  What color would you be and why?

Cryogenic Green. Just got a nice ring. 

What do you think the greatest invention has been?

A realist would say electricity. Maybe the wheel? But give me the guy who invented Pop Tarts ! 

What’s your favorite board game?

There’s this new strategy game called Disney Villains and my family is very competitive, so when I come home my little brother and older sister will play that for hours until we eventually don’t care who wins anymore. 

What’s your least favorite personality trait you like about yourself?

Man, I’d love to be more affectionate and less intense. I’ve been told that I turn people off, and I never give enough attention in relationships. But now that I’m typing that out… I don’t see me taking the time to “correct” anything. Dating is hard. I’m too good at being alone. Thanks for coming to my therapy session. NF is awesome, his song “Therapy Session” is dope too. 

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