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Born and raised in Israel with dreams of becoming a musician, Hodaya Singer’s dreams have taken her near and far. At only 29 years old Hodaya already has a long list of accomplishments. From performing for the Prime Minister in Israel and Ambassadors from all over the world to being the lead singer of an Israeli rock band, her experience makes her stand out as an artist. She even coined the title “The Singer of Central Israel” after winning a multitude of competitions. These experiences have also developed her vast genre of music. Being able to sing in several different languages, Hebrew, Spanish, and English, has given her a unique connection with listeners all over the world.

Hodaya is not only known for her musical accomplishments, but also was awarded outstanding soldier when she joined the Israeli Army in 2010, where she led a music group that would perform for special occasions such as Independence and Memorial Day. In 2013 she would go on to become a professional singer at Fattal Chain in Leonardo Hotels all over Israel displaying her musical talent in all three languages. After many more years of successful performances, including live, televised and sountracked for film, Hodaya released her single “Jerusalem” that would be broadcasted on television across the world. This sultry, smooth, Pop-Edm female artist will only continue to flourish with her upcoming music, including her first full length album that will include songs in all three various languages. 

Getting to know Hodaya

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If you could be a superhero, what would your superpower be and your superhero name?

An easy answer, it is Wonder Woman. Not because the movie Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Is too from Israel, but the character is a powerful role model who leads others to victory. My superpower would be to be able to fix problems in people’s life, to give peace and tranquility

to all people and happiness every minute of the day. I am sure my superhero name will be… HODIVA – Hodaya & Diva.

If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give yourself? Basically, “Be strong, do not yield and never surrender. In the end you will be able to reach and fulfill all your dreams. Keep believing in yourself and God, always remember to smile and rejoice. Never lose hope and faith because you are going to fulfill many dreams”

Do you have any lucky items, objects, or traditions?

Wow! That’s an amazing question. When I went to the “Schlager Festival” competition in Lithuania I bought a small lucky tree in one of the markets in the city. The saleswoman explained to me each stone in a tree symbolizes something different and great success in life. I took the tree with me to the show and won first place! Since then, the tree has been in my music studio and accompanies me to performances.

In addition, I have a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation. My great grandmother was in the Holocaust and gave it to my grandmother who passed it on to my mother. When I left Israel and moved to Los Angeles to make my dreams come true my mother decided to give me the ring. Since then, I wear the ring every day and especially at important shows and meetings.

What’s your least favorite personality trait you like about yourself? Wow, I have to say I am very perfectionist and sometimes it will take me a long time to create the best product. It is important for me in everything in life to do my best, sometimes it is having immediate results and sometimes it takes a long time. In trying to do the best I let the the universe does its thing and allows God to lead me in the direction.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

I think one of the actresses who has excited me the most in recent years is Jennifer Lopez. Her role in the various films conveys messages of a woman who deals with a lot of challenges, who keeps a steady mind, looks for reasonable solutions and does not give up. The added bonus is she is an epic singer and performer.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I sing and write in the styles of EDM, Pop and R&B with a sultry modern twist. My major influences are the true spectrum of music and eras of long past icons such as Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Armin van Burren, Adele and David Guetta.

Where have you performed? What is your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

It seems my childhood was a magical music showcase on national television and live venue concerts in Israel. In my teenage and adult years my destinations broadened, bringing me to represent my country at competitions in Russia, Moldova, Lithuania (twice), Poland, Estonia and the United States. I studied music extensively including an Associate in Arts degree in music from the acclaimed Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, graduating with the distinguished honor of “Outstanding student”. I was a contestant at 10 international competitions and TV shows. I won many awards in these competitions namely the “Morskoy Uzel” “Charismas Talent League”, “Rzeszow Carpathia Festival” etc.

One of the highlights of my career was winning the Princess award and 1st place on one of the biggest international competitions in Europe “Šlagerių festivalis”.

The competition was broadcasted on national television in Lithuania and viewed in all Europe. I returned to Los Angeles in October 2019, I have performed in many private and public events. This past December 2020, I won 1st place in the competition “Discovery Festival” in Bulgaria with my soon to be released song “Me Myself and I”.

The music industry was pleased at this result since some of the judges were part of the Eurovision song contest.

I am currently recording my album with Grammy nominated Gemini Musiq who produced songs for the Jonas Brothers, Boyz to Men, Christina Milian, Jackie Jackson, Shaq, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone and Justin Bieber. “Me Myself and I“ is the first single from a developing full album by the same name. Some other tracks on the album will be creative collaborations with the award-winning songwriter Drew Lawrence who co-wrote the song “Jar of Hearts” with Christina Perri, which spent 31 weeks in the Top 40 and 48 weeks in the Top 75. It was later certified Platinum after shipping 600,000 copies and had over 450 million YouTube views. It was the 11th best-selling single of 2011 in the UK. I was honored to work with Rob Kleiner as my vocal producer for “Me Myself and I” Rob has worked with a laundry list of great talents such as Sia, Labyrinth, Cee Lo Green, Andra Day, Foxy Shazam, Atlas Genius, Natalia Jimenez, Haley Reinhart, ZZ Ward, LP, and many more.

I am relentless in achieving success and I envision myself becoming more than an international performer. One who inspires society to step forward to fix itself by breaking the barriers of religions, race, socioeconomics, politics and nationality to find a common bond by her music, quite like Bono from the band U2.

My next show will occur at my music and video release event on June 11th at a star-studded red carpet being held at the “General Admission” club in Studio City, California.

HODAYA singer - Me Myself & I (Official Music Video)

Who are your top two favorite artists of all time? Why those artists?

I admire Celine Dion, the multi–Grammy Award winning female singer who immigrated to America, like I have, leaving family and friends behind. We are about empowerment.

If you could go open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Definitely, Celine Dion, a true woman oof class, poise, talent and determination. She is a hard worker like me. In fact, for 2020, due to the pandemic she had to cancel over 150 concerts. Now that’s a successful career. Additionally, David Guetta, the “Godfather of EDM” he took an electronic box normally used at weddings and created an entire industry. He was the trendsetter. Now it’s my turn and who else to perform with then the master himself.

What are your musical plans for the next 12 months or so?

My plan is to complete this album because the songs are so uplifting, they will Bring the world saddened by the pandemic to a happiness outlook on life.




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