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Born Capucine Cantrell to the parent’s Alma and Dorsey Cantrell, she was number six of eleven siblings. At six months old her father named her Coppe because her hair looked like a brand new, shiny copper penny.

She attended John Muir High School, in Pasadena, CA. Capucine later went on to college and completed all but four classes, when she became pregnant with her first child. She tried to finish while taking her son Niamyja to school with her, but it became very tedious, and she made the choice of raising her son her top priority. Later she met her husband to be Johnny Jackson, known by many as Johnny “J” in the music entertainment industry. Smitten by Jackson, and after just six months of courtship the two were married.

They developed a loving and business relationship as they formed KLOCK WORK Entertainment Corp. Johnny “J” produced artist such as 2Pac and various others. Capucine stayed behind the scenes most times, keeping their company going. She had a few small parts on records for 2Pac, Coolio (Gangsta Paradise), and she toured as a dancer, and road manager for Johnny’s solo debut “I Gotta Be Me”. She also was the leading lady in is music video “Get Away from Me”. After 17 years of marriage to the legendary producer Johnny “J”, on October 3, 2008, her world came crashing down. While in jail for a 6 months sentence stemming from DUI charges., Johnny never made it home.

Capucine was devastated by her husband’s sudden death, and it took everything within her to hold it together. Ironically during her husband jail sentencing, Capucine went back to school to finish those classes that she didn’t finish. It was there that after her husband passed one of her college professors re-introduced the bible to her, and just so happened to be a prophet. He prophesized that she would become a singer, she laughed about it, but was astonished that he told her, “her name would be Coppe”, how could he know her childhood name! Through, constant prayer, reading the bible, and her now strong belief in God, and Jesus Christ. Capucine was able to get her life back together. On July 1, 2009, God woke her up at 3am out of a sound sleep and gave her the gift of song. Capucine started singing words of praise. Before she realized what was happening, the Spirit had given her words upon words. She had written a few songs within 3 hours. In the midst of all of her many trials and tribulations, the Lord has always had another plan for Capucine. He saw her heart and passion for music, and blessed her with the gift to sing, when she could not. Going by the name Coppe Cantrell, she can now say this is a new beginning of ministry, in the form of a Gospel recording artist. Her debut album titled “God’s Project” (Book I), attributed to God’s work on her life.

The first single off this release “Holy Groove”, which will surely have fans doing just that, with the release of her upcoming album “The Breastplate Of Righteous with the lead single “Dance In The Dark” doing well at radio, and video streams. We look forward to the release of her album and singles like “Jesus Rocks”, War Cry, and Keep Asking, which is a true testament to God’s promise to all of us.

Tell us a bit about your company and why do you do what you do.

My company is KLOCK WORK Entertainment Corp., I am the Pres/CEO of it, and I am also a gospel recording artist.  We are a record company, that currently, caters to the genre of gospel music. I have had my company for more than 26 years; it started with my late husband Johnny “J”.  I run the day-to-day operations, since his passing 14 years ago.  I do what I do as an entrepreneur, to carry on the legacy, that Johnny left behind as a business owner.  As a gospel recording artist, I was called to sing to give glory to God, utilizing the music, that my late husband wrote, and produced, he left behind a catalog of music.

Is there anyone special who’s inspired you to forge ahead with your business?

Yes, there is someone special who’s inspired me to forge ahead with my business, first and foremost, God almighty has inspired me to forge ahead in my business, besides God, my brother and others that work within my company to help me forge ahead with my business.  No matter, how many ideas you have, it is important to build the right team, sometimes that takes weeks, months, and in my case years.

If I had a magic wand, what would you change in the world?

If I had a magic wand, what I would change in the world, is a double answer for me equally important, world hunger, and bringing Bible study back into the schools.  I say world hunger, because with all the fruit trees, that have seeds no one should go hungry if those seeds are planted.  Going along with sewing the seed into the lives of our youth, with the biblical principles, we wouldn’t have mass shootings, back in the days they were virtually unheard of.

How do you cope with stress?

I cope with stress, by meditating on the word of God, and praying.  It is important for us to look to a higher power, which is God almighty, through Christ Jesus.  If I am not able to read the word of God, I will listen to online sermons.  Of course, a massage can relax you, but everyone can’t afford to go get a massage, to go to God, it doesn’t cost you anything, but your time; even Bibles can be downloaded for free.

As a public figure, how do you think being hailed as a role model impacts others and what pressure does it put on me?

Being a public figure, and being hailed as a role model, impacts others, and it does put pressure on you to live up to certain standards.  Though none of us are perfect in life, it’s the practice of what you preach, and being consistent in what you say, and do.  The pressure is on if I fail to adhere to the calling in my life which is preaching the gospel in song, and the word of God. If I’m not doing the duties, which I was called to do, and I’d seen doing the opposite, me being a role model has failed, because that means I let others down and can no longer look to me as a good example.

If I could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

If I could be remembered for one thing, it would be that I was able to accomplish what God called me to do, win millions of souls for Christ, by spreading the gospel through music.

Can you tell me one favorite humorous story from your career?

My favorite humorous story from my career must be when I attended the Merge Summit in Los Angeles.  I wasn’t a well-known gospel recording artist, but I was invited to attend the three-day summit, which was a gospel festival.  I believe it was on the second day, I was asked by someone whom I did not know if I was going to perform, I said, “No, do you sing too”!  The person looked at me as if I was lost because it was like she doesn’t recognize me!  So, later that evening there was an award ceremony, and the Best Gospel Male Artist of the Year Award was given out, and it was given to the gentleman that turned out to be Brian Courtney Wilson.  So, after he received his award, we approached each other and laughed it off, I said, I guess me asking if you sing too, was an understatement.

Can you tell us about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?

There were a couple of times, I thought about giving up, the first time was after my husband had committed suicide, I was mentally and physically drained, and I had gone down to a size double Zero, from the stress of losing my husband, I could not function.  The Bible was introduced to me, after reading the Bible daily, I gained strength and I gained the weight back, and I got a new lease on life.

The second time was after I got saved, and God gave me the calling to sing to glorify him, along the way I was disobedient, and stopped doing what God called me to do.  I ended up being exposed to chemicals right in my own home, I had difficulty breathing, lumps under my skin, and migraines constantly.   My recovery took a lot of therapy and getting back into the word of God.  It was reading the Bible, and constant prayers that got me back on track, I had no strength and I wanted to give up.  This same lesson, I have applied in all aspects of my life, in business, when I wanted to give up because though I sing gospel music, many doors were not opening.  My faith in God, and asking him to open doors, that no man can shut, has gotten me through.

What are your favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is that I can run my own business, I can start or stop when I want to, there’s really no one I must answer to, but God, and I win or fail at my own risk.

What is the most useless talent you have?

Lol, my most useless talent, would be being able to lift my arm blade behind my back, I only used it when I was in high school, when others would get up to do their speeches, I would do that to distract them!

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Yes, I sing in the shower, most times I am practicing my songs, Pick the Gate, Jesus Rocks, and Dance in The Dark, songs that I just recorded, or something that may have played on the radio or TV, that makes you start humming or singing.

If I could be a superhero, what would my superpower be and your superhero name be? 

If I could be a superhero, would be my superpower the word of God, utilizing my voice and quoting scriptures, and my name would be Coppe Can because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would you play?

If someone was going to make my life into a movie, I would play myself at a certain age range, in the movie.  I think it’s nice to see the actual person when I have watched movies about people’s lives.

What historical figure would you love to see in 21st Century life? 

The historical figure that I would love to see in the 21st Century life, would be Jesus.  I am waiting for his return.

If I was a member of the Spice Girls, what would my spicy handle be?

If I was a member of the Spice Girls, my spicy handle would be, Edgy Spice, because Posh Spice is already taken, and I’m a little of both.

Who would I want to play me in a movie of your life?

Who I’d like to have to play me in a movie about my life, would have to be at least two actors, one would be Beyonce, and a younger actress, who could play a younger version of myself, may not be a role given to a known actor.

What is my favorite board game?

My favorite board game is Monopoly, I love Monopoly because you can play as long as you’d like to play, and it allows you to play real estate mogul, even though growing up you didn’t realize that you just knew you were buying up everything, and taking everyone’s rent money.

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