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Inas X Debuts “Stupid” Remix (ft. DCS) Video

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Coming off the heels of the success of her 2016 electrifying single “Stupid” (ft. PnB Rock), Inas X debuted  her follow-up video, “Stupid” Remix (ft. DCS), directed by SUJ, on August 24.

Possessing international and cultural influences, Inas X’s fresh new sound is redefining pop music into a new genre befittingly called, Exotic Pop.  This is exemplified in her choice of featuring artist for the “Stupid” Remix, Barcelona native and Spanish mega-star DCS (Darlyn Cuevas).

The remix boasts infectious beats that, coupled with the video’s beautiful beach backdrop, draws viewers in.  This video is a bold dichotomy to the original “Stupid” (ft. PnB Rock) which took place in an urban setting filled with backup dancers and characters. The remix shows a softer and more mature side of Inas, which is palpable in the way she exudes confidence.

“Stupid” details a toxic relationship that Inas X had trouble walking away from.  The track inspires listeners to remember that they are not alone in their struggles and everyone makes mistakes.  Her relatable music uplifts audiences and reminds them that any struggle can be overcome.  Ultimately, Inas X wants to spread light and love through her art and explains that, “With so much going on in the world, I just want to make people feel good.”

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