Imber Luminis Releases A New Album

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The Sofia-based post black metal band Imber Luminis releasing their new album “Contrasts” via Naturmacht Productions

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  1. Le Voyage – Part I
  2. Le Voyage – Part II
  3. Le Voyage – Part III

After a conceptual album about existencialism (“Nausea”), Imber Luminis is back with a brand new album based on Charles Baudelaire‘s own magnificent poem “Le Voyage”. Named “Contrasts”, the album is a superb piece of post black metal – luminous and bright – contrasted (sic) by emotional vocals as we are used to hear from mastermind Déhà.

“You can expect a highly atmospheric and varied album, a grand successor for “Nausea” indeed.” – Naturmacht Productions

You can find “Contrasts” now through Naturmacht Productions. Get your copy now through their store or BandCamp.

Imber Luminis - Contrasts (Official Full Album | HD)

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