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One of the things that can really make clothes leap out of a crowd is using iconic fictional characters to add a statement to a top. Whether it’s incorporated as a motif across the whole garment, or a big central design, using a well-known character can add flair to an outfit, and helps you communicate who you are and what you love through what you wear.

Moomin Shop 1

Chinti and Parker’s Moomin shop is a case in point. Inspired by the already beloved characters of Tove Jansson, Chinti and Parker have created a range of clothes than sensitively incorporate these designs across scarfs, hats and sweaters. A cashmere sweater with a Moomin or Little My peeking out of the pocket is not just charming but also appropriately cosy and comforting.

Sensitive is the most important word there: if you’re choosing clothes using licensed character designs, it’s important to pick ones that use those designs appropriately. Chinti and Parker’s range works because Moomin characters are cosy and cute, and have been worked into a wardrobe of cute, cosy clothing. A cashmere scarf fits the existing aesthetic of Tove Jansson’s characters in a way it wouldn’t if the scarf was emblazoned with, for example, Star Wars characters. Darth Vader is no less iconic than the Snorkmaiden, but is somewhat more out of place on a cashmere scarf.

Moomin Shop 2

Licensed character designs are increasingly popular in the fashion world at the moment, from the ‘anything and everything’ approach you can see in high street stores, to more thoughtful and select designs from smaller fashion labels (like Chinti and Parker, above). If you like picking clothing with your favourite characters to add to your wardrobe, this is an excellent time to shop. Whether you’re driven by a nostalgic love of childhood favourites or want to show off your fandom of the latest film to hit the cinemas, you will have a great selection of fashionable clothes to pick from.

Whether you’re looking for Avengers themed activewear to motivate your exercise, a dressing gown patterned after your favourite Hogwarts House to lounge around in, or adding a touch of play to a smart casual ensemble with some Disney inspired designs, this is a great time to be looking.

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