Hugo Valentine takes a trip down memory lane with latest release ‘Memories’.

With his third single, Hugo Valentine is hooking us in further with his developing sound. Capturing the quintessential British essence, in particular the London culture with his carefully crafted lyrics and musing melodic hooks. Noting his influences as Coldplay, Elton John and Arctic Monkeys, Hugo combines a variety of flavours with his own brand of pop music.

Having studied at the Royal College of Music for four years, he trained in classical music, particularly in piano which can be heard predominantly throughout this track.

‘Memories’ is written from the adult view of Hugo, peering down at his childhood self. It explores his fleeting moments of childhood memories, looking into the blissfully ignorant world of a child. It hints at adulthood being almost a type of prison, locked away from free thought and the total freedom of childlike expression. Memories dives into the theme that as children we often wish to grow up, but then when we finally reach adulthood we wish once again for the of joy and carefree nature of childhood, which is now only a foggy memory. With bittersweet nuances of nostalgia, Memories is about longing for just one more moment in a time that can never be relived.

You can reminisce along with Hugo by listening to his track below.

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Hugo Valentine is a singer-songwriter from London, UK. He has played the piano since the age of four and had a classical training during his early childhood. Having spent time working in many different areas of music, he began writing his current strain of piano pop around two years ago, bringing together a wide range of influences, from Elton John, Billy Joel, Bowie and Queen to Radiohead, Tom Odell, Mika, among many others. His style of pop is thoughtful and emotional, with a good dose of energy and excitement. He currently records, performs and produces all his own records. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hugo_valentine

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