How You Can Take Positive Steps Towards Changing Your Career

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Right now, we are seeing a huge number of workers deciding to change their career paths. Whether it is because they want a better wage or working conditions, or because they want to try something new, the great resignation has taken the world by storm. If you have decided to change your career, here are a few steps that you should take.

Use Your Network

Talk to your friends and colleagues about your plans for a career change. Ask for advice if they have recently left their job. Talk to professional contacts in the area that you are interested in. Find out what companies in this sector are looking for. Send your resume to any managers or senior staff you know for honest feedback.

Build Your Professional Profile

Rewrite your resume if it has been a while. Be brief but include important information and achievements. Be honest but do not be modest. Talk about the professional accomplishments that you are proud of. Show anyone reading why you would be an asset to their business.

Find Out What You Need to Work in the US

Ask an immigration lawyer what you need to do to work in the United States. Look at the different professional visas that are available. Remember that different industries have different visa requirements. Apply for a TN visa if you are a Canadian or Mexican citizen applying for work in the United States. Experts such as Farmer Law PC can help you through the process. Talk to your employer about how they can help you secure this visa.

Additionally, certain certifications may be required to work legally in the United States, depending on your desired field. These certifications vary across industries and can range from professional licenses to specific educational qualifications. Researching and understanding the certification requirements for your field is advisable. To prepare for these exams, individuals can find helpful resources online, including free SIE practice exam questions, which can aid in building knowledge and confidence prior to the certification assessment.

Talk To Your Family

Tell your partner if you are thinking of changing careers. Be honest about your goals and why this is important. Discuss any potential disruption to your finances that such a change may cause. Talk about whether your partner can carry the financial responsibilities while you look for a new job. Discuss any plans for relocation. Break down the consequences of the disruption and start working on a timeline.

Stay Positive

Remember that the process of changing jobs or finding a new one can take a long time. Keep up to date with the latest job market news to see if this is a good time to make a change. Set an amount of time aside every day to work on finding a new job. Avoid spending too much time scrolling through job sites. Keep exercising regularly and get plenty of fresh air. Keep talking to your friends and loved ones about how you are doing.

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