How You Can Open Up Your Home To Feel Bigger

How You Can Open Up Your Home To Feel Bigger

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel
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There are countless home design trends popular around the world, each with their own atmosphere. However, you don’t always need to look for a whole new style to achieve the look you want in your home. If you’re looking for a way to make your home feel bigger by opening it up, you just need to know these few tricks.

Use Open Furniture

The first step to open your home is to use furniture that invites people in and doesn’t block off the room. See-through or minimalistic chairs with glass tables can open a room nicely. Plus, you can remove the doors on your cabinets and drawers to really visually expand your space.

Knock Down Walls

One of the biggest and most effective methods for opening your home is knocking down all the walls you can. You can create that spacious feeling by literally opening up your home. You can remove the walls around your kitchen to create an open-concept kitchen. Though before you knock out walls yourself, you should hire someone who can renovate kitchens to do it safely and properly. Summer and early fall are great times of year to remodel your kitchen, so you can start quickly if you choose to do so.

Paint It Bright

The next trick for opening your home to feel bigger is painting everything in a bright color. While this doesn’t give you more space, the colors will create an open feel you didn’t have before. The bright colors trick your mind into seeing the place as more open and welcoming, giving the impression of a home that wants you there.

Get Bigger Windows

Windows are a huge opportunity to create a space open to the world. You don’t want to open your home to the outside weather conditions. However, big windows help you let in all the light from the outside and give the impression of roominess. And they still block out the elements at the same time. Getting larger windows is a great way to permanently open your space and brighten entire rooms.

These are just a few popular tricks you can use in almost any style of home to create that open space you want. So even if you feel like your space is too small and cluttered, you can change it into a place welcoming to you.

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