How To Upgrade A Bathroom For Mobility

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Life can change for at the drop of a hat, and when the change in question affects our mobility, sometimes significant alterations need to be made. 

Many of those who lose any kind of mobility will want to remain as independent as possible, so putting those changes in place can be crucial, but sometimes, it can be impossible to know where to begin. It is best to start with rooms that are needed to be accessed daily, such as the bedroom and the bathroom.

This piece will discuss how you can upgrade a bathroom to make it accessible for those with limited mobility. 

Make it Walk-In

Having a walk-in bathroom can make all the difference to someone who is struggling with mobility issues. 

Not only can it be extremely difficult to climb into facilities such as a bath with high sides or a raised shower, they can also pose a significant danger. If a slip or trip were to happen, this could cause further injury to someone. 

Having all amenities at floor level can reduce these risks and provide a more independent way of living. 

Provide a Rail to Hold Onto

Railing is another important factor when it comes to features that can assist those who are mobility impaired. 

Sometimes just having the option to grab hold of a rail if you feel unsteady is enough of a psychological boost to get you into the bathroom. 

Of course, this does not detract away from the very real safety purpose of them being installed, which could help prevent a serious accident happening if someone loses their footing.

Get Stylish

Just because bathrooms need to be modified, does not mean they need to lack style. Often, we can think of modified bathrooms as having a clinical appearance, but there are many items on the market now that can make modified bathrooms look stunning. Head over to for more information on how you can have a stylish and practical bathroom for everyone.

Do Not Forget the Seat 

Having a seat in your bathroom can truly make the difference, turning an activity that would otherwise feel completely unmanageable into a pleasant washing. Whether you opt for one that stays put or have one that you can take in and out as and when needed, any seat can offer a more comfortable and less demanding experience when having a scrub. 

Think About the Material of the Floor and Remove Trip Hazards

Carpets and other soft-material flooring could not only be a trip hazard but will also be difficult to clean. Of course, it will depend on the nature of the person’s mobility as to whether the flooring needs to be adjusted or not, but opting for linoleum or a flat, smooth surface can make it much easier for people to move around on and clear up after.

That being said, surfaces such as tiles and porcelain can also get slippery, so choose your smooth surface wisely to avoid accidents or injury.

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