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Everyone wants to have a tidy room. Can’t imagine how comfortable it is to rest in a clean bedroom without scattered things. However, do not necessarily think this is just wishful thinking that is impossible to come true. The perfect neat impression can be obtained by doing creative tactics when arranging the bed linen.

For those of you who have a room with a limited area, don’t be discouraged. The small area actually makes the process of arranging the bedroom easier. It only takes a few special tricks in its arrangement.

What are the tricks for arranging a bedroom that you can apply so that your room always looks neat and perfect? Check out the following article!

Apply The Minimalist Concept

Applying a minimalist concept does not mean arranging a bedroom with a minimalist design style, but only placing essential furniture for the bedroom. Try to choose what furniture you really need when arranging the bedroom, such as wardrobes, bedding, and work desks.

If there is furniture that you don’t really need, don’t hesitate to move it to another room. This will leave more space in your bedroom and make it look tidier.

Customize To Personal Needs

The concept of minimalism can also be different for each person. In addition to linen bedding, mattresses, and wardrobes, some of you may feel that your bedroom does not function optimally if there is no study table or practical storage rack, maybe some of you feel that the two pieces of furniture are less essential.

In essence, adjust the choice of furniture to your needs as the owner of the room. If you want to place additional furniture when arranging your bedroom, use furniture that has a storage function so that it can increase storage space in the bedroom.

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For mattresses, use a mattress that suits your needs. For example, the only one who uses the room is you and you have spinal problems. Conditions like this make you have to use a latex mattress with a single size. Moreover, isense would be a great consideration if you are looking for the best mattresses online.

Use The Drawer As A Side Table

The side table may not be essential furniture for the bedroom, but sometimes the function of a side table or side table feels very useful for placing small items that are often used. Its function as storage may not be so optimal because of its small size.

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However, there is one simple tactic that can be applied when arranging a bedroom. By placing a drawer or cabinet of drawers directly next to the bed, the chest of drawers can accommodate the role of a side table as well as serve as maximum additional storage.

Clothes Storage

In arranging the bedroom so that it always looks neat, there is one need that is very difficult to avoid and you need additional storage space. The shelf is the right item to take advantage of the function of the wall as storage space. To further maximize its function, install a clothes hanger under a wall-mounted shelf.

Pegboard For A Variety Of Storage Solutions

In addition to installing hangers, maximizing the wall can also be done by installing a pegboard. This multifunctional wooden board can be used as a bookshelf, clothes hanger, and mood board.

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Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Pegboard is usually made of multiplex (plywood) so it has high resistance. Because of its efficient storage function, arranging the bedroom is even more effective with this attractive wooden plank.

Maximize The Function Of The Bottom Of The Bed

Not only in the wall area, but the floor can also be a space that is used as additional storage in arranging the bedroom. Trying this trick of arranging a bedroom doesn’t mean you have to buy a mattress that has storage at the bottom. Bed linen that also functions as storage can be obtained by placing an open bookcase at the bottom of the bed covered under your king size sheets amazon

Clean The Bedroom Every Day

You’ve done the tricks for arranging the bedroom above well, the furniture has been arranged beautifully, and the things have been neatly stored in their place. No matter how careful and neat you are in arranging the bedroom, the room will soon fall apart again if you are not diligent in cleaning it. Just take fifteen minutes to clean every day, your room will always look neat and clean. 

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