How to stay on top of trends on Instagram

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Instagram video trends are brutal. Okay, let that sink in.

A lot of people are under the impression that they just need to take a short video like TikTok, put it on Instagram, and everything will fall into place. If only things were that easy.

You see, for your video to take a life of its own on Instagram, a lot of things have to fall into place. The first is social proof. Your Instagram video has to have enough views for people to think it is worth their time and effort to view.

People, after all, are busy and there are many other pieces of content on Instagram competing for their attention. Given this situation, they’re more likely to play videos that already have a decent amount of views or interaction. This makes them less skeptical and can convince them that your video is worth checking out. Thankfully, you can buy Instagram video views easily. In fact, specialized social proof sites like make the whole process so easy once you have decided to buy Instagram likes or video views.

You can make it up to this point but it’s too easy to fall short from this stage onward. Why?

Well, the problem is as you probably already know, if you want to make money off your Instagram account, you have to be on the top of the game. You have to be on the ball. Unfortunately, refusing to grow, refusing to experiment, or refusing to mix and match different trends so you can come up with your own distinct brand spin is not going to cut it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are looking for a very easy way to make money off Instagram. I know that sounds harsh and I know that sounds uncharitable, but it’s also the truth. When you refuse to change or refuse to go beyond a certain formula, then you’re being lazy.

Yes, this is true. It’s basically like you buy Instagram likes and video views to build your following. You then post high-quality content to keep your following engaged. Now, this might not seem lazy because this all requires time, effort, and attention to detail. But the problem is you’re being lazy when you refuse to innovate.

When you refuse to look at the different trends and come up with your own distinct way to let the personality of your brand rise or distinguish itself, you are being lazy.  I know this all sounds harsh because nobody wants to be called the L-word, but that’s what it is.

And until and unless you get out from under this tendency or this mental inertia, nothing’s going to change. Your Instagram brand, as formidable or as awesome as it may be now, will start to get old. And given the fact that one week is one year on the internet, your brand is going to get old quickly.

So do yourself a big favor. Pick apart different trends on Instagram. See how they can be applied to your niche and get cracking. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Whether you’re producing photos or videos, it doesn’t matter. Get cracking. Exploit those trends and make those trends work for you instead of against you.

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This guest post was written by Anna Daimlers

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