How To Protect Your Commercial Building

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When it comes to owning your own commercial office complex, security is one of the main factors to keep in mind. After all, businesses will be trusting you with their most important documents and possessions. So, providing quality protective measures will be key to not only maintaining their trust but ensuring their privacy. This is how to protect your commercial building and meet the needs of your leasers.

Install a Security System

If you’re going to effectively heighten security around your complex, installing a quality security system is always the first thing you should do. These pieces of technology consist of several high-definition cameras, motion sensors, and alarms that are all connected to one central control panel. From this dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor whoever enters and exits the building as well as automatically alert the police after hours. These systems also work well in tandem with other security devices. So, you won’t need to worry about them interfering with one another.

Use Automatic Doors

Switching to automatic exterior doors is also an important change to make. While there are several reasons to install automatic sliding doors on your commercial building, the security you gain from it is among the most important. These doors will only open when given a signal from a mounted sensor, and they can be easily locked upon closing. As such, they’re both more efficient to use during the day and make the process of locking up a lot simpler.

Require a Badge for Entrance

But if this isn’t enough, another way to protect your commercial building is to link your automatic doors to a badge-reading system. This will better help control who comes and goes from the building and limit the number of individuals there without authorization. The readers can be connected so that they supply a positive reading to the door, and the automatic doors respond as though their getting a signal from an external sensor.

Reinforce Lower Windows

You can further strengthen your defenses by reinforcing the glass panes of your lower floor windows. If someone does try to break in, these will be the places that are most vulnerable. Because of this, the more durability you can add to these windows, the better protected your building will be. So, take some time to research the different types of security glass and purchase the ones that best suit your protective needs.

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