How To Pick A Hair Conditioner and Shampoo For Your Hair Type

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Proper hair care is essential since it creates a good impression. When you take care of your hair, you can boost hair growth and avoid any scalp and dandruff problems.

With the number of hair conditioners and shampoos sold in the market today, do you know how to pick ones that suit your hair type? Are you aware of the factors to consider before trying out these hair products? This article can provide useful tips.

Using a shampoo and hair conditioner that’s inappropriate to your hair type can cause split ends, scalp irritation, and frizzy hair. Instead of having healthy hair, the wrong hair products can only create damage to your crowning glory.

You can avoid this from happening by picking the right hair conditioner and shampoo for your hair type.

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Here’s how you can do it:

Hair Conditioner And Shampoo For Dry Hair

Dry hair is caused by several factors, which include nutritional decencies, excessive hair wash, and overuse of hair dyes and bleaches. Dry hair can also be a result of frequent contact with chlorinated water.

For people who have dry hair, look for a hair conditioner and shampoo that contains argan oil. This plant-produced oil is packed with vitamin E that promotes healthy hair growth. This works because argan oil can encourage the cells to produce more healthy hair.

Hair conditioner and shampoo that contain argan oil can be applied just like any other hair product. However, if you want to maximize its benefits, apply the hair conditioner to your hair, and let it stay for a couple of hours using a shower cap. This routine will intensify the benefits of argan oil to your hair.

Hair Conditioner And Shampoo For Damaged Hair

According to research, over 91% of women in the US have damaged hair and continue to damage their hair every single day. The leading causes of hair damage include brushing wet hair, putting the hair into a tight ponytail, and excessive scalp scratching. If you’re guilty of these practices and consider your hair to be damaged, don’t worry as there are still hair products that can work for you.

For damaged hair, look for a shampoo that contains keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that works by smoothing down the cells in your scalp to encourage hair production and growth.

A specific layer of the cell called the hair cuticle absorbs keratin from hair products. This can result in glossier and fuller-looking hair. With regular use, keratin-based shampoos can also make your hair look straighter, easier to style, and less frizzy.

When it comes to hair conditioners, opt to use one that contains coconut oil. Coconut oil can fight common hair problems, such as dandruff and lice. It can also add moisture, softness, and shine to damaged hair. Adding a hair conditioner infused with coconut oil to your hair care routine lessens the risk of split ends and hair breakage, too.

Hair Conditioner And Shampoo For Very Fine Hair

A very fine hair means that individual strands of your hair come in a smaller diameter. Regardless if you consider this hair type as something that’s positive or negative, one thing is certain, you still have to take care of your crowning glory.

Since very fine hair is thin, volumizing shampoo is a must. One of the biggest problems people with very fine hair experience is their inability to try out different hairstyles. It’ll be hard for your hair to hold a specific hairstyle if it’s too thin. Fortunately, using the right volumizing shampoo can solve this kind of problem. When buying a volumizing shampoo, look for one that contains vitamin B5. This nutrient can fight hair loss and thinning.

Using a hair conditioner that contains sunflower seed extract, moringa seed oil, and quinoa protein can protect your hair strands from damage. These nutrients are effectively absorbed by your hair shaft.

If you have very fine hair, a lightweight conditioner can also do wonders. The ingredients in this type of conditioner can rejuvenate flat hair, making it softer and shinier. This conditioner won’t weigh down your hair. On the contrary, it can protect your hair from oil and dirt, and help it stay voluminous and clean for longer hours.

Talk To The Pros

Before trying out any shampoo and conditioner, ask for recommendations from your hairstylist. Since they already worked with your hair, they can provide the best products suitable for your hair type. If you suffer from skin conditions that affect your scalp, talk to your doctor or dermatologist first. The hair products you use shouldn’t trigger any of these skin conditions.

By talking to professionals, it’ll be easy for you to pick hair products that are perfect for your hair type.

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