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So, it’s finally time to start prepping for your long-awaited vacation to the beautiful Caribbean Islands. While almost everyone can pull off last-minute packing by throwing in whatever is available into a backpack, organized packing doesn’t hurt; rather, when you pack with the destination in mind, you save yourself a lot of anxiety and unwanted shopping at the location.

Here are 5 tips you’ll find useful when packing for your Caribbean getaway.

Make a list well in advance

Any seasoned vacationer will tell you the benefits of making a packing list for an upcoming vacation at least two weeks in advance. This simple habit helps you plan better and avoid last-minute rush, and it makes you feel more in control during the process.

Especially when travelling with children, preparing beforehand makes things a lot easier as you don’t have to worry about missing anything important, such as medication for common ailments.

What to pack

The best part about packing for a Caribbean holiday is that you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. In fact, you’ll find travelers with the smallest bags possible with a few items of clothing thrown in along with swimwear, sunscreen and a pair of flip-flops. If, however, you enjoy dressing up, you’ll want to bring more than just the basics.

Women: To avoid paying avoidable excess baggage charges to the airline, packing light is more important than ever. Casual, comfortable dressing is the way to go when vacationing in the Caribbean, and we recommend that you consider packing a few sundresses, a few tees and a couple of shorts, a pair or two of flip-flops, water shoes, and essentials such as underwear, swimwear, sunglasses, bug repellent, sunblock, and your camera. Perhaps pack a nice semiformal outfit or two for the evenings. You really don’t need a lot of fancy resort wear or high heels if your goal is to unwind and relax.

Men: Pack easy, comfortable everyday wear in breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton. A few t-shirts and a couple of shorts or short pants to match, innerwear, flip-flops and waterproof shoes, swimming trunks, bug repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and camera. You don’t need much to have a good time on a Caribbean vacation.

Also, don’t forget to use luggage that has anti-theft locks (TSA-approved locks). This is important as your baggage needs to be secured against theft during transit.

Pack a beach bag and skip the towel

You can use a lightweight but spacious backpack or other hand luggage as your carry-on to the beach. Remember to bring a waterproof bag. Doubling up your hand luggage as your beach bag is a great way to avoid carrying multiple bags.

Avoid packing towels, as your Caribbean resort will provide you beach towels. You might, however, want to carry a couple of superlight cotton sarongs that will double up as your beach mat and a quick-dry towel. Don’t also bother with a straw hat if it’s taking too much space in your luggage. You can easily get one at the beach for a small price.

Don’t forget to pack for day trips and outings

We stated earlier that you should pack light for a beach vacation. What’s this, then? Well, if you plan to go trekking or play tennis at the resort, you can’t do it in flip-flops, so you’ll need a pair of shoes. Similarly, you need appropriate sunproof gear for water sports, as the sun can be extremely harsh during the summer months.

Don’t worry, though, about packing it all. You can always buy any essentials you missed at the local stores.

Throw in a little extra in the end

If you’ve booked an all-inclusive deal, you don’t really need a lot of items except the ones already discussed above. Your all-inclusive vacation plan will take care of your every need—all you need to do is to show up for the party. If you do have space left and if you’re going to check in your luggage anyway, consider throwing in a nice evening outfit, a pack of hangover treatment pills, your own snorkeling gear so that you won’t have to use those used by hundreds of other travelers, and your laptop (if it’s a long vacation, there will be times you’ll want access to your laptop).

Bonus tip: Thousands of American families travel to the Caribbean islands each year. For a luxurious family-friendly Vacation that’s value for money, look for all-inclusive special deals at luxury resorts across these beautiful islands.

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