How To Make Your Plain Apartment Prettier
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How To Make Your Plain Apartment Prettier

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Apartment life doesn’t have much glamour to it. You don’t have that much space, and you can hear the downstairs neighbors yelling at each other whenever they startup (which is often). You also may be in a state of transition; perhaps you just graduated college, and you’re trying to weigh the pros and cons of buying new or nicer things. Though it’s trickier to deck an apartment out on a limited income, read up on how to make your plain apartment prettier on a budget.

Add Simple Décor Items

First off, décor doesn’t need to be complicated or outlandishly pricey. You don’t need a hand-crafted art piece you found at a seaside market to make your space more pleasing to the eye. Instead, there are many simple home decorating tips that are just as effective as these methods, such as hanging thrift store wall mirrors. Depending on your finds, these create the illusion of increased space while also serving as attractive décor pieces themselves. Don’t be afraid to customize, either—paint your mirror frame (or really any shelf or end table you choose) another color, so it blends in better.

Bring Nature Inside

Another easy way to make your plain apartment prettier is to bring in some green. Placing potted plants throughout your main area makes it come alive as little else can. There’s something undeniably pleasant about seeing plants grow from seedlings as their elegant and unique plant structures unfold before your eyes. If you want a dynamic form of décor, this is perfect for you.

Your Books Can Become Functional Décor

Finally, do not overlook the books’ decorative capacities. There are endless ways to show them off—they’re great on floating shelves, tucked away in a large bookcase, on top of a fireplace, or out on an end table. Play with the different color combinations that are possible. If you don’t like how they look, take a day to make custom jackets that align with your current scheme. You have to store them somehow, so you may as well let them double as décor.

How To Make Your Plain Apartment Prettier
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