How To Look Stunning In A Black Prom Dress – 6 Great Ideas

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Girls, how many of you are going to opt for a black embroidered prom dress, or a black two-piece prom dress or any other black outfit? Online stores selling prom dresses 2019 are not going to disappoint you. They are bringing you amazing handpicked collections of black prom dresses for every girl. They too know that a black outfit is iconic, timeless, classic, sophisticated, edgy and stylish at the same time. A perfect black dress comes with every single element required to make a unique style statement. When you are wearing a black prom dress that is just right for your skin tone, shape and personality, everybody will appreciate your choice and your great sense of fashion.

A look into the history of black prom dresses will create an impression in your mind. Black is immortal. Black prom dresses started having their moments in the spotlight right when this trend was started in the 1950s. This was the time when young female followers of Rock and Roll showed up to dance floor wearing tight black gowns. Black pastel gowns, soft silhouettes and delicate lace were pretty common in the prom dresses of the 1940s and 50s.

The era of the 60s and 70s belonged to long bohemian dresses, floral prints, pastel colors. Tight gowns in synthetic materials were pretty popular in the 80s. In the 1990s and 2000s, when brightly-colored prom dresses were becoming popular, then too black prom dresses were not cornered. There was always plenty of room for classic and timeless black prom dresses.

It’s 2019. Elegant black gowns, black sequin prom dress, black mermaid dress, black floral prom dress and there are many other black dress styles in trend.   

Black is destined to be in trend. It never goes out of style. It is for everyone and you can wear it again.

However, there is another fact you need to recognize, you cannot solely rely on a stylish black prom dress. No outfit can be a perfect outfit without being properly accessorized. Even when it is a cheap black prom dress, thoughtfully picked accessories can make it look stylish and pricey. Here we bring you 6 great ideas that will make you look stunning in a black prom dress.

Wear minimal lines

When you want to wear a black prom dress and that too without overshadowing, wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry in minimal lines is the most elegant and the safest way to do so. Go for thin and plain round necklaces. A necklace, ring or any other piece of jewelry with stones or spikes will not look great. The trend of the combination of lines and fancy patterns looks cheap and gypsy. It needs to be elegant. Your prom dress is the protagonist of the night.

Opt for small colored stones or solid color metallics

Same goes for colors. In order to add spark to your black prom dress without looking excessive, opt for solid color metallics such as gold, bronze or silver. Keep in mind, it depends on your skin tone. For example, if your skin tone is pale, you would wish to add some color. You can combine a small color stone with a single metallic in red, pink, green or any other contrasting color. This will look great.

You can check out CZ Fringe Necklace, Heart Of Light Diamond Necklace or Sea Foam Necklace and buy one to enhance the beauty of your black prom outfit.   

Follow the minimal rule

It is an important rule you must follow when you are trying to accessorize your dress. Avoid wearing more than two pieces of jewelry at a time. Even fashion experts say so. When you are getting ready for a formal event like prom, follow the minimal rule. Don’t wear more than two pieces of jewelry at the same time. You can pair a necklace with a ring, or a necklace with a bracelet or a pair of earrings with a necklace. Do this to prevent your black dress from being excessive and fancy. A thoughtful combination of two is enough to endow your prom dress with a touch of glam. You are also going to carry a stylish bag. You will be wearing a stylish pair of shoe. Wearing more than pieces of jewelry will overdo it. This will also leave the impression that you are trying too much.

Grab a matching bag

While attending formal events like prom, girls often make a mistake. While wearing dark solid black prom dresses, girls grab bags that are entirely different from the color and style of their jewelry. While it’s true that the color black can match with everything, it does not mean that you should match it with everything. You have picked a gold necklace and shoe but you are carrying a suede blue bag, this will deprive your outfit of the glam and style you want to show off. When you are unable to find a handbag in the exact same color, go for some high-end style. Cashmere and silk with metallic details is perfect.    

Wear a statement necklace with a sleeveless or strapless black prom dress

While you should follow the ‘minimal’ rule for most of the times, you need to do a little extra with some prom dress styles. A sleeveless or strapless prom gown is a perfect example of such outfits. A dress with a sweetheart, straight or bandeau bust often leaves upper boost exposed. So, you can wear a statement necklace to create a glamorous contrast.

Choose a solid yet contrasting color for nails

Don’t overlook the appearance of your nails. The style and color of nails serve the purpose of an accessory for your hands. If you are wearing a stylish bracelet or a ring, you must go for some nail color and style. Pick a solid color. Rose gold, hot pink, teal, aventurine green, Hollywood or blood red and glitter in all shades will look awesome with your black mermaid dress. Say no to shades like pale pink, navy blue, graphite gray, white, soft pastel colors and pale yellow. These shades are not going to create any contrast.

Colors like navy blue or brown do not work well with any black dress. You can visit one of the many online stores selling prom dresses 2019

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