How to Keep Kids Safe During Parties with Fair Rides

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Birthday parties are probably one of the highlights of many kids’ young lives, and who are we to deprive them of friends and family parties? If we are anxious about their safety, especially if there are machines involved, like fairground rides. So how can we have peace of mind while our kids are at a birthday party? Many parents prefer fairground hire companies to supply them with rides and games over having a party at an amusement park. If your child is invited to a birthday party with rides, here are some things that you can do to keep them safe.

Keep an eye out

If you are at the party as well, you should always keep an eye out on your child. Should you need to get away from them for a few minutes, ask another adult to look out for them. You never know with excited kids what they would do involving fair rides. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Orient your child

Before you leave the house, talk to your child. Teach them how to be safe by themselves or with other kids. This way, they will know what to do when you are not around. Make a list of things that they should not do a few days prior so they can keep in mind safety precautions regardless of their age. Communicate in a way that they will easily understand.

Join them

For younger kids, you can join them to enjoy the rides and games at the party. Joining them will serve a second purpose: you also get to enjoy bonding with your child while still keeping them safe.

Check if the ride is age or height-appropriate

For each ride that your kid wants to get on, always check with the operator if it is appropriate for their age and height. Some rides require a certain age and height for safety. If they are not allowed to get on the ride, explain to them the dangers of doing so.

Keep them hydrated

Keeping your kids safe includes keeping them hydrated as well. It will most likely be hot outdoors during the party, so it is vital to keep your child as hydrated as possible, and with water – not sweet drinks – as they will only hasten their dehydration.

Lather on sunscreen

Keep their skin safe too. Do not forget to put on sunscreen on your child’s skin before going out in the sun. They will spend hours outdoors, and if you don’t put on sunscreen, you can expect a grumpy child for days to come because of sunburn.

We cannot keep our children from having fun because we are anxious that they might get hurt at a party involving rides. While we should let them experience things, we should also ensure their safety during a time like this. Kids will understand the reason for precautions if explained thoroughly to them. Find a way to incorporate fun in learning when doing so, so it doesn’t get boring, and they will remember every single reminder.

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