How to Find a Great Rental Property for your Next Holiday

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Hotels and resorts are so passé. Even international travel is all about renting a property that feels like home. A holiday home gives you all the amenities of a house with the luxuries of a resort, and just like hotels, there are several rental property options for vacationers. You can pick according to price, number of people staying, and duration.

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When should you start looking?

If you are planning to travel next summer, start your search now, with a goal to book the property by the end of the year. At vacation hotspots like Isla Mujeres, getting a beachfront property at the last moment is impossible. Vacation rentals at places such as these tend to book up faster than you can say, “Let’s go.”

Where should you start?

Many people are unsure about where to begin, but the best place is on the web. Just type in the location and your requirements, i.e., “name of vacation spot + vacation home rentals”. Don’t forget to enter the time of your visit to get a perfect match. A local real estate agent or a travel agency can also help.

Verify the details

While searching out businesses, always check their reviews. Online business directories such as Yelp will also give insight into individual standards and practices. Local newspapers are a surprisingly good source for information on vacation homes too. You can subscribe to an online local newspaper that specializes in vacation property rentals and activities.

Validate multiple sources

When you come across an appealing ad or property for rent, investigate. Read multiple sources and call up advertisers for their rental policies. Most people become overwhelmed after finding an excellent property and the neglect to read the fine print. Costs such as utilities, phone, WiFi, housekeeping arrangements, gas supply and cable connections may not be included. If you are traveling to an exotic place, keep the cost of air conditioning and heating in mind as well. Also ask for explicit information regarding their preferred arrangements before you sign any documents.

Bargain for a better deal

If you think your dream rental is costing you more than it should, don’t shy away from a little good-natured bargaining. For example, if you have a large deposit to pay, you can always negotiate your payment terms. If you know the property you want is not yet booked, you can also ask them to throw in a couple of extra days for a little less rental.

The checkout check

Before checking out, take a thorough walk through the property with the landlord present. This will help prevent any unexpected bills or unpleasant surprises. If there is a minor problem, you can always offer your fixer-upper skills, or call in an expert to take a look, as long as you have time on hand before your flight home.

Remember, vacations should not be stressful, so booking in advance will help make your stay a far happier one.  Always go for a property that is affordable, keep extra expenses in mind, and make sure you have enough cash left to have fun at your new place.


Guest Post by Charlie Brown

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