How To Encourage Staff Relationships In The Workplace

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Having staff that like each other is a major advantage. It makes the working days run a lot smoother, and people who like one another are likely to work better as a team when it comes to projects in the office. So here are a few ways to encourage staff relationships in the workplace.

Do Company Away Days

With any company, at some point during the year, it’s commonplace to hold a company away day. A company away day can be anything from a team-building exercise or boot camp or an excursion away to celebrate the successes that a business has had throughout the year. Company away days are extremely popular and are a good example of how you can encourage staff members to work together and to build relationships. When sending them on these away days, try to split departments up, so that they don’t remain in their cliques. This way, staff members can get to know others that they may not talk to often enough.

Have Regular Staff Meetings

Keeping the peace is what it’s all about, and the Charitable Peace Foundation is an example of how spreading the peace can be very beneficial. To keep staff friendly with one another, regular staff meetings might prove quite useful. These meetings can provide an opportunity where staff can get together and talk through any concerns that they may have about on-going work projects or to just catch-up and communicate on what each department is currently up to. It removes any secrecy and any hierarchy in the business that’s not necessary or alienates certain individuals.

Create A Weekly Staff Get Together 

A get together doesn’t need to be something after work, and it doesn’t need to involve alcohol. One example of creating a weekly staff get together is to do it during working hours, where for a fifteen to twenty minutes, everyone is in a room. Two members of staff can take it in turns to host each week and create a spread of food with petty cash from the company. It’s a great way for two random staff members to connect with each other, and everyone else gets to socialize with other members of staff from various departments.

Use Platforms To Communicate More

Using technology is a good way of helping with communication, and there are plenty of platforms that you can take advantage of. One of which might be task management or time management software that all members of staff can be a part of. It’s a great way of staff to know who’s working on what and how things may need to progress in terms of getting together and talking through things.

Staff relationships within a workplace need to be strong. It’s the only way to help fix workplace productivity if the surroundings are already positive and encouraging. Do what you can as an employer to help build work relationships. It makes your staff’s jobs a lot easier when they can get on with everyone.

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