How to design a customized wardrobe for small bedrooms

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When the bedroom is small, there is very little to do. Not all the furniture can be included in especially the wardrobe. It is the most cumbersome piece, so it is necessary to give up or to move it to another room. In the worst cases, someone prefer to remove it definitively, putting the dresses in the chest of drawers or under the bed.

But be careful. A small room does not always force you to make these choices. In fact, the wardrobe design experts have devised several solutions suitable even for confined spaces.

Customized wardrobe design

It might seem obvious, but let’s repeat it for those who don’t know: nowadays, it is possible to create custom wardrobe models to meet any need. This means that, if you go to a furniture store, you will see some already assembled models. Ask to the seller for advice and you will find out that it is possible to choose all of your new cabinet, from the dimensions to the colors.

First of all, if your room is small, you can rely on an experienced wardrobe designer to ask for some advice about the most suitable solution for your needs. He or she will explain you the compositional versatility of this piece and will find out the right compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Wardrobes with the sliding doors

Customized wardrobe design give you the possibility to choose some details such as, for example, the opening of doors.

Don’t forget that, if your spaces are little, leaf doors are not recommended. The sliding doors are the ideal solution for taking up less space.

Sliding doors and coplanar doors too, will allow you to place the cabinet in front of the bed, even a few centimeters away, or to place it in a niche without the fear that the doors go banging on the window, and breaking the glass.

Special solutions for sloping roofs and corners

What if your bedroom was too small and also has uneven surfaces? For example, a sloping roof or many corners to fill? In these cases, don’t be discouraged. Even if it seems difficult to manage small spaces, customization allows you “to play” a little with your furniture.

For example, the corners of the room can easily accommodate columns with shelves or drawers. Inside these columns, you can take advantage of the height from floor to roof. You can also design the doors as you wish, creating geometric movements. So, the room will not look like a flat pile of furniture set against a wall.

If the roof is sloping, you can always join the elements of different heights and occupy the entire height, even at the lowest point. Maybe you can store there a shoe rack, or create an area where to put the dress of the previous season.

So, there are several solutions that could help you to best manage the spaces while being aesthetically pleasant, thanks to the compositional versatility of modern cabinets.

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