How to Create Great Travelling Videos Using Online Video Editor

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The best part about traveling is that you get to share your story with whomever you want, any way you wish to, even visually.

As a traveling video creator, you already know how important it is to have a great camera. You might have already invested in a few cameras or probably even a drone to capture some of those amazing scenic shots.

But more than that, you require a great video editing tool.

Having a great video editor is like a cherry on the top of the cake. It allows you to bend and present your video exactly the way you want and infuse professionalism into them.

And if you are missing out on the same, you might lose potential viewership. If your content lacks the technical know-how and correct editing makeup, it will neither find the audience nor resonate with any viewer.

Needless to say, there should be a professional angle to editing videos because it allows you to get a video output that your audience likes. If you are stuck with the same editing style forever, the chances are that even your current viewers would be bored and would move away to something more innovative.

How to Create Great Travelling Videos Using Online Video Editor?

It is okay if you are just a novice in video editing; you can still make the best videos. After all, our tips for creating awesome traveling videos and a lot of practice will help you all the way.

  1. Find the purpose of your travelogue video.

The most important thing for any video creator is understanding and communicating what you are trying to accomplish with your video.

From the beginning, tell your visitors that you decided to take a journey to a particular destination. Tell them what the reason was you went and with whom you went. The journey is something which they will see on their own.

Often, most travel videos have a conclusion, and if you have the same — maybe in the form of a destination — or tasting the food of that time, it adds a purpose to your videos.

The more information you share, the more a viewer knows about you. The audience wants to stay updated with you because they see you for a real-time experience, which they connect with, rather than reading about the place in a magazine or catalog.

  1. Don’t just focus on ‘scenes.

Those drone shots, the time-lapses, and the random footage within your video are going to be pleasing for your viewers. But that doesn’t mean they will connect with the video.

Video creation is a psychological process. Not only do you need to focus on visually appealing content, but you also have to tell a story with your content.

Most filmmakers mistake just adding beautiful scenes from their journey and forget that people get bored at times.

Storytelling is an integral part of travel videos, and you need to make sure that you are picking the best out of them.

But your viewers now have more reasons to watch your content when you have an exciting plot, maybe like a small story at the back (that you are narrating). This aspect brings us to our next most important tip — Narration.

  1. Narrate like you are the center of the universe.

If your travel video is 5 minutes long, and you have a viewer, that viewer belongs to you, especially for that time. How you hook them and make them keep watching is something that only you, as a content creator, can do.

In any traveling video, narration plays a vital role. When you share your experiences vocally while also visually sharing a story, people tend to keep on watching. The more interesting the story is, the longer people will watch your videos.

In this case, your narration also needs to be good. You need to make sure you are:

  • Enthusiastic with your tone
  • Telling the best part in the most appealing way possible

David Dobrik, a YouTuber, has an excellent storytelling style with his videos where the visuals are already appealing, but the stories he mentions are even better.

  1. Don’t forget the music.

Music plays a critical role in your travel videos. It practically sets in the mood of the video and acts as an excellent tool for connecting with your audience.

Music is something that fills the void when you don’t narrate. It’s great for time-lapses, drone shots, and practically anything where you don’t want to speak. If the music choice you make is ideal enough, it blends so well with the video that it feels like a part of the video for a viewer.

A great example of good music in a travelogue is Casey Neistat’s travel vlog.

If you are posting your videos on YouTube, you might want to stay away from copyrighted music and just use SoundCloud or other third-party platforms for your music.

  1. Invest in an online video editor.

Mark the word ‘online’. If you are still storing your videos on a local disk in 2022, you are already way behind in your pursuit.

Using an online video editor allows you to transfer your videos seamlessly across devices, upload from different devices, and store everything in one place only.

If you ever need to include special effects, titles, or corrections, you already have the editor for that. You can upload different versions of the same content with drastic need-specific alterations to suit all your commercial and professional requirements.

That’s why a convenient online video editor like FlexClip will always get the job done. With its elegant templates and various tools to infuse life into your videos, it’s one of the best video editors you can select.

Final Words

A travel video is a long unedited video of multiple hours that you share within 5-10 minutes. Having an exceptional online video editor like InVideo will prove significant for your business, especially when you are just starting.

From the planning part of the trip to coming back, everything is a journey you can share in multiple amazing videos and parts. A little time spent on preparation, knowing your audience, and curating exactly what they like will prove very helpful for your videos and create a video worth watching every time.

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