How to Create a Home that Will Inspire You Every Day: 7 Design Tips

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Home is the most precious and valuable place a person can find. It’s our hide, our bed and breakfast, our safe space. When we are going home after long working hours (especially in the middle of the week), we want it to be comfortable and eye-pleasing. Such a home will help us rest physically and mentally from the neverending workload and fast life rhythm.

However, not all people find their homes inspirational. Someone is irritated by old furniture, and someone is desperate to finally fix this one shelf. On the one hand, these are only small details, but on the other, small details create a big picture. And this picture can easily frustrate the owner.

Today, the frustration is multiplied by the pandemic. We stay home way longer than before, so now we start noticing even more things we would like to change in our home. To prove it, Sears Home Services states that 44% of US citizens are already unhappy with their homes.

In order not to become one of those people, here are some design tips that will help you bring joy to your rooms.

1.   Choose a style

If you have a chance to design a room from scratch, be sure to pick one dominant theme and follow its guidelines. Even though those guidelines are not strict rules, the theme will navigate you during decoration and keep you from buying unnecessary items. Your walls, floor, furniture, night lights, and curtains will create an aesthetic and coherent composition to please your eye.

You can get some inspiration for a room theme on Pinterest, in magazines, or even from your friends and family. Also, try visiting furniture stores where all pieces are assembled and placed in the right way.

2.   Surround yourself with things you like

When the overall theme is set, think about something you love the most and try to integrate it into your home. If necessary, make a list of what you would like to see around yourself every day.

It may include not only books, as some of you may think, but literally, everything you find inspirational. Do you have any favorite photos? Print them out and put some frames on the wall. Are you fond of journaling? Buy the cutest highlighters and stickers and organize them on your table. Are you into Marvel or DC Comics? Get yourself a superhero throw cushion or an action figure.

Everything that makes you happy matters.

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Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

3.   Make it smell nice

Despite most of the information being received with eyes, nice smells can contribute a lot to our mood and overall well-being. There is a huge range of products that can come in handy: candles, flowers, diffusers, air sprays, cleaning products, and more. Even a simple open window can make a difference.

Depending on what you want to feel, you can use various smells for your home. For example, lemon and rosemary will raise your productivity and make you feel more energized. On the contrary, lavender and vanilla will calm you down and relax your thoughts.

4.   Add a little bit of nature

Since nature is basically the mother of everything on this planet, bringing it inside your home can enhance the levels of positivity and inspiration. You can do it by placing flowers in your room (but don’t forget to take care of them) or by using natural materials in design. Open windows can help too: Just look outside sometimes and notice what surrounds you and your home.

The way of reuniting with nature doesn’t matter, the main thing is to stay close to it. Nature can cause an immense boost of creativity.

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Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

5.   Separate home from work

This point is extremely relevant to our current circumstances. A lot of people today either chose to work remotely or were forced to do it due to the pandemic. It made the question of separating work from personal life more urgent than it has ever been.

The simplest way to stay focused is to physically divide the space: One room for work, others for everything else. If you can’t do it, try to make your workspace as neat as possible and limit the number of distractions you have there. Organize proper lighting and put some small elements that will personalize your desk.

6.   Make your bed comfortable

When the workspace is done, you can put effort into preparing your place for relaxation. Turn your bed into not just a sleeping corner but your own little world. There should be a place in the house where you can restore your emotional balance, and nothing fits this purpose more than a comfy bed.

Creating a perfect bed is simple. Buy new and fancy bedclothes that will fit your mood. Put the most necessary things for your sleep on a nightstand. Get some beautiful custom-shaped pillows or pillows with pictures of your favorite pet or a celebrity crush. They will add a lot to your bed’s comfort.


7.   Arrange your space properly

Vertical storages are your friends. If you have limited space or you feel like your home is cluttered, use vertical organizers and storage boxes to free the room. This way of ordering clothes, shoes, books, and other things is both aesthetic and functional. Besides, it will give you a sense of control over your life and belongings.

Shelves are also a good way to go. You can occupy them with books, vases, statuettes, and other decorations.

Wrapping it up

Making your home comfortable and inspirational may seem like a hard task to complete. However, following the above-mentioned advice, the process of creating a flawless atmosphere inside your house will become much easier. Design a home that will support you, not give you another reason for anxiety.

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