How To Choose Your First Running Shoes

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There is this excitement that comes with doing something for the first time; for context, running shoes is the subject matter. However, in all of this excitement, it is possible to make the wrong choice and end up regretting the decision of choosing your first running shoes. This doesn’t have to be the case; with proper guidance going for your first pair of running shoes can be one of the best decisions you will make. You could do it alone, or with help. Staff at any of the Asics Stores in Australia are very well-equipped to help you make the right choice, but a little bit of research in your own capacity won’t hurt either!

Going for running shoes that are made for your type of body and running style makes running enjoyable and increases the longevity of your running. Bear this in mind before you jump on that Asics sale of running shoes.

Running shoes have been classified into three major categories by ASICS. These categories go thus:

  • Run further: These running shoes are softly cushioned and they can be said to be the best for long distances. They propel you in such a manner that makes you effective for long runs and endurance training sessions.
  • Run faster: These running shoes are notable for giving you all the speed and grit you need as a runner.
  • Run beyond: This category of running shoes is designed for grip and tenacity for all types of surfaces even on surfaces that are not the best.

It is not enough to know the three categories of running shoes spelt out by ASICS, there are certain important questions you need to ask yourself as someone going for running shoes for the first time. These important questions include:

How much distance do you intend to cover?

If you are a person who fancies going on a marathon, your best option would be a running shoe that gives all the cushioning and comfort you will need for a long distance. You definitely need more comfort ad cushioning than those who run short-distance races. Excellent comfort makes sticking to the goals you have set for running achievable. Although the important elements of comfort and cushioning are non-negotiable when it comes to long-distance running, they are also important for runners who just want to do a couple of short runs every week. Ask staff at one of the Australian Asics stores to help you if you need a bit of guidance!

What terrain do you want to make use of?

Surely, if you had a Ferrari, you wouldn’t take it off the road; that is because it is most suited for the road. Similarly, when it comes to running shoes, the type of terrain you want to run on goes a long way in determining the type of running shoes you go for. You wouldn’t want to do trail running in a pair of road shoes. There are different shoes made for different purposes and terrains. It is wise to go for the best shoes for the best purposes and terrains Shoes with a good grip will keep your feet secure when it’s raining and similar weathers.

What is your foot shape?

This is also an important factor that needs to be considered. You do not want to go for a pair of running shoes that totally oppose the shape of your feet. If your feet are slightly wider you do not have to go through hell trying to make them feet into the wrong pair of running shoes. There are various Asics shoes for sale that you can make your choice from.

What is your pronation type?

Pronation is simply the manner in which your foot rolls inwards as you run. It is expedient that you are informed about your pronation type so you can go for that running shoe that is best suited for you. Whether you under pronate or overpronate, there is always a shoe to meet your needs, all you need to do is search for it.

What is your budget?

For someone getting their first pair of running shoes, there’s this desire to impress and go for the more expensive ones; unfortunately, your budget might not be up to what you desire. Note that you do not have to break the bank to get running shoes perfect for you. Remember that when it comes to running shoes, comfort and utility come before any other consideration.

After you have answered these questions, the next thing for you to do is to head to Asics Australia online store to get that perfect shoe for you.

Getting your first pair of running shoes can be memorable.

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