How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

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A change is upon us when it comes to fashion. Yes, there are more choices than ever before, and the affordability of fashionable clothing simply incites you to get more of everything, but a new trend is emerging. In the sea of options, minimalism is actually taking the fashion industry by storm. And there is a whole bunch of reasons for this visible shift. From the fact that new generations are trying to step away from the consumerism and are more attentive when it comes to environment and wastefulness to a lot of leading fashion professionals who have shown us that they have their go to pieces when it comes to daily wardrobes. Everyone from Vera Wang to Alber Elbaz. And one of the main reasons is that they are simply too busy focusing on their work, and having a minimalist wardrobe enable them to have one less thing to think about when getting ready for a new day. Now if you are ready to hop on this trend here are some essential pieces of advice you should be considering.

Take inventory of what you already have


Just tossing your current wardrobe and replacing it is definitely not in the spirit of minimalism. There are definitely some pieces that you can use to create that ideal capsule. Write down the direction you want to go in, from the color palette to the style and accessories. This will help you decide which items can be saved and used in the right way.  To help you a bit, before you get nervous and start throwing everything, here are some essentials. Let’s start from jeans, you should have at least two or three different cuts. From the ever elegant slim fit to a pair of trendy Mavi boyfriend jeans, they are one of those staple items for both streetwear and business casual options. Next on the list are t-shirts, keep the ones that match your desired color direction, as well as nude ones that can serve as a great canvas for layering. In addition, make sure you keep the coats and jackets that are the best representation of your current style direction.

Choose items that are versatile

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This is one of the essential aspects of a minimalist wardrobe. Each item should be a great fit for several different outfits. That is why creating a minimalist capsule takes time and careful consideration. Apart from the few items listed in the previous paragraph, you should consider adding additional layering options that can work well for both street and office. For example, a well-fitted jacket is an ideal option. You can combine it with jeans and a t-shirt for a day out, or with a pencil skirt and heels for that elegant office look.  A similar item is without a doubt the ever needed LBD, you can play it down for a casual day look, or accessorize it and throw on a pair of stunning heels for a night out on the town.  Items such as these are what is going to make your minimalist wardrobe work well on the daily basis. You will have a set of pre-combined looks to choose from which in return will make the getting ready process that much more faster, but at the same time without the slightest need to sacrifice your personal style.

Don’t throw away the items that didn’t make the cut

alexandru acea 751142 unsplash4 Now, it is time for some cold truth, not everyone gets comfortable with going minimalist. So before you commit 100% to this trend, just try it for a few months. This means that you shouldn’t get rid of all the excess clothing items from your wardrobe, simply store them away, and see how it goes. If you start getting the urge to buy new items to supplement the carefully chosen capsule this trend might not be for you. And instead of spending a bunch of money on new clothing you can simply take your old wardrobe out of storage and go back to the style you already feel comfortable in, that is both rich in versatility and options. On the other hand, if you determine that minimalism is exactly what you like then after a few months you can donate the clothing from the storage. So, a win-win situation of sorts.

You are now ready to build your minimalist wardrobe. But remember, don’t rush the process, only with time and careful consideration will you be able to come up with the ideal combinations for your life- and fashion style.

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