How This Female Entrepreneur Launched a Multi- Million Dollar Beauty Brand with in her kitchen That Landed in Retail Stores

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The beauty industry is bursting with newcomers. Formerly reserved for a handful of legacy brands, the $445 billion industry is in the midst of a renaissance, welcoming indie brands fueled by social media success and making way for a new guard of industry leaders. Bella Rose the CEO and the founder of the brand “Bella Rose Passion”, a wide and a mother of 3 kids, is now own multimillion dollar brand currently selling their organic hair care in Walmart and Organic skincare in Macys Lenox Mall.

In 2011 she started with boutique and design clothes and shoes, but it didn’t work out. She tried to take local help with other entrepreneurs but no one was interested to help. It was the time when Bella realizes that “she” herself is the only person who can able to take her on the path of success. So, she stand-up for herself and for other women, pack her clothes and shoes encourage house moms and pay them to sell her items in a strip club.

Soon after She fell on hard times when her mother had a stroke and brain aneurism in 2014 and is the only child, she needed to be by her mom’s side. She took her kids out of school and went back to New Jersey for a few months to make sure her mother was healthy.

When Bella Rose came back to Atlanta, realizing the worth of life, she is more determined to grow her brand, to do something remarkable in her life. So, she started “The Bella Rose Passion” brand that deals with lipstick and lip gloss at that time, Later she starts her organic essential line and featured in Martha Stewart, People and Sheen Magazine.

She also owns a makeup agency and hires a makeup artist to give a boost to her business. Bella Rose Vanity Agency also has an appearance on Steve Harvey Show by which she wins thousands of more hearts.

Her makeup agency is quite successful and featured on most of the reality TV and movie sets and films in Atlanta.

She is also a apart of Atlanta Brain Aneurysm Foundation to bring awareness in young adults about High Blood Pressure.

I recently spoke with this strong super mom about her failure and disappointments to hopes and success. A transition of $200 to multimillion Brand.

Question: Why did you choose a lipstick line to start your cosmetic business?

Bella Rose: I chose a Lipstick line because it was a high demand for it, with me having a Women Clothing Boutique. The customers always asked for lip gloss and I was allergic to the chemicals in most makeup, So I was intrigued on how to create my own organic lip products and they were a success after a few trial and error.

Question: As you fail to seek help in the start of your career, what is your advice for new entrepreneurs and how would you help them?

Bella Rose: My advice to new entrepreneurs will be, Stay Determined. Google every question that pops in your head, Read, study your audience, take social media classes to learn and I now have private Facebook Group and do classes teaching others to not make mistakes I did.

Question: How do you manage being a wife and mother along with your business?

Bella Rose: Managing my career and home has always been easy, my husband has always supported my dreams, he saw how passionate I am about Bella Rose Passion and he went back to school for business management and accountant to help me grow as my business management. Our children have always helped me make products and packaging they enjoy working with the company going to events especially the perks of meeting their favorite tv stars at events.

Question: Which type of products your organic essentials comprises of?

Bella Rose: I keep it simple, I always research ingredients that would be in my products. I decided that when I developed products, I was going to be conscious of what is actually in them and have natural and organic ingredients. I know that the majority of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. I always try to inform and educate everyone on the importance of using healthier products, like using natural preservatives and organic ingredients, because I feel that’s what works better with our skin.

Question: How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

Bella Rose: My daughter is 20, and is very helpful with the social media trends and influencers and that is a huge help for our company, we also have part time staff that are still in college that will include general ideas to my brand. We always remain consistent on the products at need but focus the delivery towards the customers need at the moment.

Question: How is Bella Rose Passion different from other brands available in market?

Bella Rose: Bella Rose Passion is different from other brands because of our trendy products that cater to ages 0 to 100, and I didn’t only create my products for the customers but myself and my family suffer from dry skin, which makes it important to educate myself and customers on the ingredients in each product also that they are quality products. We also make our customers feel like they apart of The Bella Rose Passion Family.

Question: Tell us something about Atlanta Brain Aneurysm Foundation how they bring awareness in young adults about High Blood Pressure?

Bella Rose: My mother had a brain aneurysm bleed in 2012, and had to get brain surgery as her only child you can imagine that was a very scary moment in our lives because we are very close, we talk a few times a day. So, when she fully recovered by the Grace of God, I educated myself of symptoms of high blood pressure because it’s a silent killer. The Atlanta Brain Aneurysm Foundation Welcomed me and answered all my questions, they have assisted me with so many information tools for events we even honored my mother as A Brain Aneurysm Survivor at an event. We talk about blood pressure, trigger salty, or sugar foods to stay away from, a balanced diet, and how important Exercise is to everyone.

Question: Where do you see “Bella Rose Passion” in next 3 years?

Bella Rose: Bella Rose Passion is working its way to becoming a very stable household name, catering to everyone’s need to have healthier skin, and hair by becoming a brand that is continuing to grow and expand our distribution.

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