Helpful Tips for Shooting a Video Production in the Rain

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From moisture damage to lightning strikes, these helpful tips for shooting a video production in the rain will show you how to avoid falling victim to the common hazards that come with rainfall. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a YouTube video or a news segment, these tips will help you do it correctly.

Keep Your Camera Covered

Making sure the camera isn’t damaged by the rain should be one of the first factors you plan for prior to the shoot. Consider using heavy-duty plastic bags to keep your camera and other gear dry while shooting in the rain. There are rain covers on the market specifically suited for issues like this, so don’t grab the closest shopping bag thinking it will get the job done. Aside from a rain cover, you should also invest in a lens hood to keep moisture out of the camera lens.

Avoid Shooting If Thunder and Lightning are Present

Keep a close eye on the weather forecast because, although you can film in the rain, you shouldn’t do it if there are thunder and lightning in the area. This is less due to how thunder will affect your audio and more because being outside during a lightning storm is incredibly dangerous, especially when carrying gear such as umbrellas and video cameras. At the first sign of lightning or thunder, move the shoot to a new location.

If you still want to use the rain in your shoot, simply find an outdoor area that has a safe covering that you to film underneath. Safety should be a top priority during any shoot, whether you’re out in the field or sitting in the studio.

Make Sure Everything Is Dry After the Shoot

Remember, these helpful tips for shooting a video production in the rain don’t simply cover what to do during the initial shoot. How you care for the equipment after filming comes to an end also plays a major role in keeping everything clean and functional. Before you pack away your equipment, make sure everything is completely dry, especially your camera. Putting away the camera and lenses while they’re wet can lead to significant damage over time, even if it’s just a few drops of water. Simply take a microfiber cloth and wipe down any wet areas on the exterior of your camera and its attachments to keep it clean and prepared for the next shoot.

If you stick to these guidelines before, during, and after your video shoot, you can improve your chances of creating a high-quality final product in an efficient, safe way. That said, there are plenty of other common mistakes you should avoid while filming, both in the sun and in the rain. With this knowledge on your side, you’ll be able to lead a successful shoot, no matter what weather conditions you face.

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