Hear Erin Greider’s Ode to Southern California in New Single “45 Minutes Without Traffic”

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In the heart of Los Angeles, Erin Greider is making waves in the music scene with her latest single, “45 Minutes Without Traffic.”

A vibrant celebration of dating, fun, and the quintessential California spirit that flows through her veins. As she says herself, “It’s also very Californian in sound and lyrics, which is fitting as being a native Angeleno is a huge part of my identity.” Greider’s music is deeply intertwined with the sunny, laid-back vibe of Southern California. 

Erin Greider’s musical journey started at a very young age, she began writing songs at only 8 years old. Taking inspiration from her childhood best friend’s father, who was a part of a garage rock band, she picked up the guitar. Guitar led to drums, to piano, and eventually her beloved bass guitar. Despite writing and performing her first original song in 8th grade, Erin kept her musical talents hidden from friends. Struggling to find and accept her distinctive voice and the world’s tumultuous events of 2020 eventually led Erin to create her debut album Sim Controllers. With support and production from Alex Elena and Topher Mohr, Erin recorded her album in only a few months. Erin Greider is currently working on her next full-length album.

Aside from music, Greider’s passion for film has also played a role in shaping her artistry, which she studied alongside economics at Chapman University, with films often serving as inspiration for her songwriting. As Greider continues to perform and work on her next album, she remains an artist poised to captivate audiences. In a world where authenticity often shines the brightest, Erin is poised to make an indelible mark on the music scene.

Listen to her new single, “45 Minutes Without Traffic,” below. Follow Erin Greider on Instagram and TikTok to follow her journey!

45 Minutes Without Traffic
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