Hazel Gaze Returns with Their Highly Anticipated Album: Hazel Gaze II

Renowned rock band Hazel Gaze is making waves once again with the release of their highly anticipated album, Hazel Gaze II. The new album features nine tracks that promise to captivate both long-time fans and new listeners alike. With its official release set for today, July 10th, the band is ready to take the music world by storm.

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Hazel Gaze II opens with the politically charged anthem “Dirty Little Secrets,” setting the stage with fierce vocals and driving guitar riffs that define the album’s passionate energy. This track, along with many others on the album, showcases the band’s ability to blend raw power with poignant storytelling, addressing themes of love, pain, and societal reflection.

With nine meticulously crafted songs, the album is a testament to Hazel Gaze’s range and versatility. While high-energy rock tracks dominate the soundscape, the band introduces a refreshing contrast with acoustic gems like “Old Soul.” This track stands out, weaving its way through the classic rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere with its soulful simplicity.

Hazel Gaze II was written, produced, and engineered by Russ Soper at his Brooklyn Studio, with drum recording by Daniel Alba of Studio G, mixing by Daniel Alba of Megafonic and mastering by Oscar Zambrano of Zampol Productions. The album features lead vocals by Hanz, guitars, keys, and percussion by Russ Soper, bass by Konrad Payne, drums by David Cornejo, piano by Chris Walters, and backing vocals by Abby Ahmad, Mindy Darwish, and Rebecca Rubin. Production consulting by Daniel Alba.

The band is also celebrating their album release on Saturday, September 21 at The Bowery Electric in NYC. Click here to buy tickets.

Also following the release of three visually captivating music videos, Hazel Gaze continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and profound lyrical content. Hazel Gaze II is not just an album; it’s an experience that captures a wide spectrum of human emotion.


About Hazel Gaze

Hailing from NYC, Hazel Gaze is comprised of veteran musicians from diverse backgrounds ranging from recording / touring to Broadway pits to formal classical training to bars and clubs – all wrapped up in rock ‘n roll goodness! Their 2017 debut was the brainchild of Guitarist / Keyboardist / Songwriter Russ Soper and Lead Vocalist Hanz, creating music purely for the love of it.

Blending 90s rock influences ranging from The Black Crowes, Lenny Kravitz and Soundgarden to 70s icons such as Led Zeppelin and Humble Pie, the material that would become Hazel Gaze’s debut album was recorded in Russ’ Brooklyn basement studio. Bassist Konrad Payne joined the project shortly afterward and the band completed a string of highly-successful NYC-area shows.

During a COVID-induced hiatus, Russ crafted the material that would become Hazel Gaze II. With the assistance of Grammy-winning Producer / Engineer Daniel Alba (Jack White, Tom Morello, Norah Jones), Hazel Gaze is now back with their sophomore effort, mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Oscar Zambrano (Sting, Justin Timberlake). The band has expanded to include Vocalist / Pianist Mary Jo Verruto, Drummer Spiros Arnakis and Vocalists Molly Klein and Nicole Riolo. With this newly enhanced lineup, the band is eagerly anticipating bringing their new music to NYC-area stages.





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