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Harper Starling’s addictive new release, “Disco Mirror Dream,” co-produced by Steve Daly (One Direction, Sia) is audio candy, nostalgic bliss, wonderland pop for a new era of dance-pop junkies.

The video, co-directed by John Engstrom (David LaChappelle, Britney Spears), is chock-full of visual nods to 80s artists like Cyndi Lauper & Madonna, showcasing Harper in a magnetic tour-de-force performance that will have you up and dancing and rolling on the floor laughing. “Disco Mirror Dream,” is nostalgia worship at its best, capturing an era long gone (though not forgotten) and fashioning it into a fabulous and glittery new package, filled with shiny, disco fueled joy, humor, and yes, love.


“I wrote Disco Mirror Dream on the dance floor, under a mirrorball, hypnotized by the lights and throwback anthems that were blasting in my ears; lost in a dream world that I couldn’t shake…”

Enlisting the help of industry stalwarts Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, John Legend), and Lynn Verlayne (Parson James, Kendra Erika) and Steve Daly for the production, Harper Starling has delivered an instant new classic. Her slick & sugary vocals shimmer over a tight groove and pumped up bass played by the legendary Mark Plati (David Bowie’s long-time producer and musical director). It’s a disco-pop treat for everyone, reminding us that when life gets us down, we can get up and dance!

“I want to transport people somewhere magical because these days, we all need an escape. Why not vacation on Planet Disco? It’s somewhere no one will judge you, and the celebration of who you are never stops. Join me!”

Currently based in Los Angeles, Harper is currently working on a full-length album, set to be released later this year.

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Harper Starling Disco Mirror Dream Remix from BigHairFan on Vimeo.


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