HARINA the pop artist sending a Climate Crisis message wrapped up in a Christmas song

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German singer and songwriter HARINA releases Trap, Pop, holiday belter, ‘Last Christmas’.

The intention of this tune, as well as being classified as a Christmas song, is to raise awareness of the current Climate Crisis and the lasting impact we, as a species are having on Earth. With Environmental thematic lyrics running throughout, this tune is a quirky and unique play on Christmas and consumerism, really making you stop and think this festive season.

Including vocal melodies from well known Christmas Carol, ‘Carol Of  The bells’, HARINA channels her inner Ariana Grande in this newest release, keeping it commercial and helping the message reach the mainstream audience.

HARINAs sound is urban, edgy and packed full of punchy pop. Her angelically sweet vocals partnered with some seriously catchy melodies, make ‘Last Christmas’  the perfect addition to your alternative holiday playlist.

To create a well written, ear worm of a pop song and combine it with a message of such importance, whilst also managing to keep it accessible for a mass majority audience, is by no means an easy feat. HARINA really is guiding the way for other Pop artists to speak out and make a stand with their music. 

You can listen to ‘Last Christmas’ here and help continue to spread the message.


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