Hamid J Narrates a Budding Relationship With New Single “do you get this feeling?”

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Singer-songwriter Hamid J has released his new single, “do you get this feeling?” The song narrates the beginning of a relationship, intertwining feelings of infatuation with the wonder if those feelings are mutual. “do you get this feeling” is available to download and stream on digital platforms worldwide.

“do you get this feeling?” follows themes of love and fantasy found in Hamid J’s previously-released songs. The track, which is the first single off his upcoming full-length debut album, cycle of a relationship, delves into the vulnerability of opening up in a budding relationship. Hamid J credits the song’s narrative to his own experiences with love, especially in the first stages of captivation when wondering whether the other feels the same. “You hope and pray that the feelings and emotions that are rocking your world are mutual,” he reflects. “So you ask them the scary question beating in your heart: do you get this feeling?” Inspired by artists like Elton John, George Michael, and Dua Lipa, the song combines an ‘80s-style bassline with unapologetic lyrics, “I know we just met tonight” and “I’m a victim of your love gun,” that have audiences singing along.

For Hamid J, a self-taught, Iranian-American, queer artist, music has always been about sharing an authentic story. Influenced by the synth-pop style of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the raw emotions of artists like George Michael, and his own experiences with love and heartache, Hamid J is committed to pushing boundaries through the lyrical narrative of each song he writes. “I love sounds that infect your soul,” he explains. “I knew I had to take a risk to pursue storytelling, and I am truly stoked for the world to hear the stories that I have worked so hard to bring to life.”

Hamid J is an expressive singer-songwriter who showcases authentic vulnerability through the emotional narratives of his lyrics. His new single “do you get this feeling?” offers a relatable story of infatuation and the doubt that comes with it, complete with a funky bassline that has audiences dancing. “do you get this feeling?” can now be streamed and downloaded on digital platforms worldwide.

To stay up to date on Hamid J’s musical journey, visit HamidJ.com and follow him on Instagram at @OfficialHamidJ

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