Gungor Release New Album One Wild Life: Body

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Grammy-award winning duo Gungor have released their new album One Wild Life: Body completing an ambitious project which began in 2015.

The album, , is now available on iTunes, Amazon and all streaming platforms.

One Wild Life: Body represents the final piece of a trilogy of albums. Husband and wife duo Michael and Lisa Gungor began the project with the albums One Wild Life: Soul and One Wild Life: Spirit released in August 2015 and March 2016 respectively.

“This music was created out of so many moments of realization, heartbreak, surrender, and joy. It was created out of vulnerability, the longing to create art for ourselves’ that heals us, and for others that heals and tells you, you belong.  

So here we are with “Body.” And as you listen, you realize we walk through the stages of life – birth, adolescent, pubescent, teenager, adult, elderly, then death. These are all of the stages we experience not only through our psyche, but our physicality. We are given this body to experience all of life through.” – Lisa Gungor

The lead-up to this final release in the One Wild Life series was heralded by a series of new videos, each highlighted a song from one of the albums. From the new album came last week’s release, the exotic “Walking With Our Eyes Closed”, premiered via Ones To Watch. The new single was preceded by the release of the videos for “Moon Song” from the One Wild Life: Soul album on Sept. 8th, and then with “Love Is All” from the album One Wild Life: Spirit, which was premiered on Sept. 15th by PopWrapped.


About Gungor

Michael and Lisa Gungor are curators of the Grammy-nominated musical collective simply known as Gungor. The duo uses their skills as accomplished song writers and multi-instrumentalists to tell honest and forthright stories – some personal and some allegorical. Together they’ve tapped their considerable musical reserves to blur genres and break expectations creating a unique magnetic expression.

Gungor is in the midst of their most ambitious endeavor to date called “One Wild Life”, which is comprised of three full-length albums – “Soul,” “Spirit” and “Body.” On August 7, 2015, they kicked off the album trilogy with One Wild Life: Soul, which debuted as the #15 album on the iTunes Alternative chart. One Wild Life: Spirit, released on March 25th, 2016. The final piece of the three album trilogy concludes with One Wild Life: Body, which releases on September 30th, 2016. While each record carries with it its own distinct vibe, the album series presents a body of work that celebrates the adventure and challenges faced by Michael and Lisa Gungor since the release of their album I Am Mountain in 2013.

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