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Straight Jeans It is the cut that never goes out of style so it is essential to have one that feels good to us. It is suitable for any silhouette and they are spectacular in a look like this one of Gala Gonzalez with heels of heels and overlapping tops. The good news is that they get along with the frayed bass so you won’t have to bother picking up the bass.

Closet Ground

The jeans in a medium blue color with a light worn, adjusted to your hips and slightly loose at the knee is the perfect garment you need in your wardrobe. It looks great if it’s made from bullet fabric. If you choose high-rise and slightly elastic, it helps you control your belly and will make you look thinner.

More Slender

Without a doubt, good heels with the jeans are a winning combination. If those heels are also beautiful cage sandals, the result is irresistible.

Mom Jeans

Adjusting to the waist and knee and going loose in the hip and knee area accentuate the shapes of your hips

The Most Modern

The mom line is the one that triumphs among the trendsetters and combines perfectly with retro shirts and ankle boots with heels and platform.

The Loot

They are a perfect ally for your denim looks. The last thing is to wear short or rolled up jeans so you can see the end of the booty and show off some flashy socks.

The Cigarette

It is pants that can give you a multitude of records, both sporty and formal. Combine it with a gold button American jacket and a lounge shoe for a preppy style look.

More Stylized

It is an elastic cowboy that fits completely to your leg. If you do not have them very thin, look for ones with a thick fabric and with a compressive effect to stylize you, also opt for a dark color.

The Black Salon

This shoe is the perfect detail to transform a simple jeans almost miraculously into elegant and trendy pants with which to attend any event. It is almost mandatory to include it in your wardrobe.


It has been cast on its own merits in one of the four jeans that can not be missing in your closet. Its most typical record is the retro seventies for hippie air looks, but we have loved how Olivia Palermo combines it with a military parka, the garment that without a doubt is one of the star.

Lengthen Your Legs

The flared cowboy is perfect to wear with good platforms that add a few centimeters. You have to take the bass just to cover your shoes with what the visual sensation will be that your legs are much longer.

Campero Booty

This rustic shoe is perfect for getting boho and country air styles. We love the color of worn leather.

A jeans that adapts well to your body improves your figure radically. That’s why we not only offer you the 4 trends that take the most but also the tricks to make you look like a glove according to your type of silhouette, as well as the keys to combine them.

The Straight Jeans

Suitable for any silhouette, they are the basic that can not be missing in any closet. To find the ones that best suit you, you should always look at your rear. The shape that the pockets and the cuts of the fabric give your butt is what you should opt for one model or another. If you want to give them a current touch, dispense with the bass and wear them frayed.

  • In favor. It is the classic cut, never goes out of style and adapts to all looks.
  • Against. If you have thick hips or thighs, the leg looks wide and does not favor.
  • Take them with. Sandals even in winter, thick coats and overlays.
  • Don’t even think about it . Wearing them wide will add kilos optically.

The Renewed “MOM”

They are called that because they are what our mothers wore in the 90s. If you are a nostalgic and you like retro series, check out Feeling of Living and you will have the look. They are pants with a very high shot, wide at the hips and narrow at the ankle. They create a slightly “amphora” silhouette.

  • In favor. Highlights the feminine forms, marking waist and rounding the hips.
  • Against. If you have a belly or a wide waist, the high shot will show it to you
  • Take them with. Other retro garments such as the bomber and the wide sweater.
  • Do not even think about it.Wear it with wide shirts on the outside. You will look twice as big and square. The key to these pants is to see the waist. Do not hide it!


Since Kate Moss put them on in the 90s, there is no celebrity who can do without them. They are the essential cowboy for thin and small because they stylize and add centimeters to the figure. They keep hitting hard this season. There is no one to unseat it from the top 5.

  • In favor. It fits the shapes a lot by getting a remodeling effector that stylizes the figure. That favors straight legs but not very thin. Choose it better in a dark tone that stylizes and lengthens the leg more. It is very versatile, you can wear it with high heels to be fixed as well as with flat boots for a sporty style.
  • Against. If you do not choose the size or the cut correctly, you can highlight imperfections.
  • Take it with. This season combine it with Americana, salons and men’s shirts.
  • Do not even think about it. Wear it inside the boots if you have wide hips.


It is the pants that marked the 70s thanks to Jane Birkin, who appeared on the cover of the album by Serge Gainsbourg Histoire by Melody Nelson dressed only with this garment that caused rage. You will recognize it quickly, it is adjusted to the hip but very wide from the knees.

  • In favor. If you are straight, this pants creates a sensation of curves. It also conceals very well knees and thick calves. To stylize you even more, wear it long and with platform shoes. So the pants will cover the footwear and your legs will gain a few centimeters.
  • Against. If you are wide thigh or short leg, this type of cut accentuates the problem, so it is better that you opt for other more flattering trends.
  • Take it with. Avoid the seventies folk look and bet on the military touch combined with parkas and shirts.
  • Do not even think about it. Wear it with flat shoes if you measure less than 1.70.
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