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Tweed coats have been in rage from the time it came in the fashion world. Tweed suits have been officially declared classic. This stylish piece might be costlier than any other suits you have purchased so far but it is worth the investment. Being super versatile it is undoubtedly one-time long-lasting attire that is going to stay as long as winter stays. However, it’s important to know how to pick up the right classic tweed suit to look your best.

If you want to wear tweed but don’t want to end up looking like an old lady then follow the buying guidelines. I might turn into your silver saver piece for almost all your occasion especially during winter days.

Tweed suits having been gone through a lot of changes with time in terms of the design and the cutting.

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  Before deciding your shopping plan, you need to make clear the kind of look you are expecting at the end of the day.  Do you want it to be your favorite work outfits? One plus point of having a tweed suit is that they might look very professional. At the same time, they have varieties so if you are opting for a softer tone and you can style them in a wide variety of ways for a casual outing as well, we have mentioned some of the styling tips as well.

  1. Deciding your Fabric First.

Those who don’t know about tweed, it is a woolen twill fabric woven into different patterns. As a fabric, it is meant to protect against the cold temperatures. It is comparatively lightweight and more breathable considering the amount of warmth it gives.

Tweed is considered as a perfect material. It is apt for winter, hard-wearing, and can be dressed like a complete suit or separately depending on the event. When shopping for tweed suit majorly for wearing it during formal side, it is ideal to keep the fabric texture according to what goes with you professional offices or meeting look.

If your preference is a casual look, then a softly made tweed suit will be more suitable.

  1. Style of your Tweed Suit

 Do you want to spice up your work outfits? If yes, pick up a style that is vogue currently. While making any purchase look for all the design details. In case of a classic tweed suit, most popular styles are single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits or tweed suit without lapels with buttons or without buttons. You can go for any number of buttons based on your comfort and the silhouette you want to get. 

  1. Tweed Suit and Its Length

 In case you are looking fo form-fitting, smart looking work outfit. Then decide the length of both the jacket and trousers so that you won’t end up looking too baggy or super tight in your classic tweed suit. The jacket is majorly available in 3 lengths small medium and long. If you are planning it to wear with a trouser then the safest option is the get the small length jacket which falls just till the hips.

Some other details that need to be focused while going out for classic tweed suit shopping is the vent design, mostly it is available in three styles, ventless, center vent and side vents. Also, focus on the hemline of the tweed suits. Straight hemline gives a more serious look while round one is a little old school, the cutaway is a little more relax.

  1. The perfect Kinda Fit.

Another important factor to keep in mind while going for tweet suit shopping is the fit. For your blazer, it could be a regular fit or a slim fit one. As the name suggests, a slim fit blazer is a body-hugging fit that giving you a more defined form. If you are curvy then a slim fit one will be a better option ad it will give you a better silhouette without making you look large. For slim women, it is better to buy a regular fit and it will make them look a little fuller.

In the case of trouser, you need to focus a lot on the fit. Most women struggle while making a trouser purchase. It is always advisable to it trouser before buying. Depending on the current market analysis, current trouser fitting options are regular fit, slim fit, smart fit, wide legs, etc.  Regular fit and smart fit gives you a perfect fit around your legs creating a well-defined silhouette which id ideal for curvy figured women. The regular fit is good for all kind of body shape. While opting for wide-leg pant only take care of your blazer length. Small length blazer with wide-leg pant is a good option for women who wants to look uniform from top to bottom.

  1. Inside the Blazer of Classic Tweeds Suits.

Here you can play around a lot depending on the look you want to achieve. For the top, the classic way of wearing tweed suit is by pairing it with a white button-up shirt. To bring out the cool vibe you should also buy some solid color plain t-shirts. When not in the mood of formals, use the tweed blazer and pair them with skinny jeans and black knee-high leather boots. This is a unisex way to wear tweed blazer.

Another option for tweet suit is a little more mature and professional. Invest in a good quality solid color high neck sweater to wear it inside your tweed blazer and trousers.

  1. Mix and Match for the Complete Chic Look.

If you want to make the most of it from a classic tweed jacket then sketch out some looks that can be styled using the same outfit. Few ways to style up this classic piece os by styling an oversized tweed blazer over a white cardigan with a skinny jean and ankle-length boots for a chic look.

We hope the above point will help you make the best out of this versatile piece. Forget about the borning ways of wearing this classic tweed suit. Keep mixing matching and surprising people with your creativity.

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