Guaranteed Ways to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms

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As much as one wants to have fun, one has to be wise on how they use the money they have. We are living in times where the world’s economy has been hit hard. The entry of COVID-19 into the world scrambled a lot of businesses and the normalcy in how things were done. 

People now have fewer movements and inter-country trades. The route of this is because some countries have restricted their residents from accessing other countries. Through this, some countries consequently blacklisted certain countries from any entry into their country simply because of the rising cases of COVID-19. 

This is a sad state that has led people into using their money wisely and avoiding overspending. As much as there has been a disruption in how things are done, some people have to keep working and selling their products and services. 

These traveling forces one to book themselves in hotels for the days that they will be working or doing business. It is not only for business, but some people will also travel to relieve themselves of their stress and daily routines. As they say, all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

Hotels keep making money. Even before COVID -19, people who know how to use up their money and savings well would hardly spend an extra coin without looking for a cheaper option. Business is always about competition, there is always someone outside there who provides the same good at a much cheaper price. 

5 Guaranteed Ways to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms

If one wants to save some money or not book themselves in way expensive hotels for their work stay, business venture, or vacation, one can always find cheaper hotel rooms. This article will highlight five guaranteed ways to find cheap hotel rooms. 

Get to compare different hotel sites and deals 

One way to find cheap hotel rooms is to compare hotel sites and deals. With the advancement of technology, this has been made easy. All one needs is internet connectivity and a device that can connect to the internet. 

It is as simple as typing in cheap hotel rooms in a certain location. It is obvious that a lot of hotels have invested in having an online presence and because of technology, they always know what charges to put out to the public. It is hence the duty of the one who is looking out to book themselves in a hotel to decide on which one is best for them. 

Negotiate your hotel rates 

If one has decided to book themselves in the Jimbaran hotel, there is always a window of negotiation. Just like the marketplace, a hotel cannot be too hard on its potential customers. Negotiating the published hotel rates would be a guaranteed way to finding cheaper hotel rooms. 

It would surprise you as a potential customer, to see a hotel giving you extra offers for the same or way cheaper price than they had posted on their website or social media channel. 

Look out for last-minute deals 

Last-minute deals come with great opportunities. If you wish to pay a cheaper price for a hotel room, looking out for last-minute deals would be a guaranteed way to win you a cheaper hotel room. 

Bid on a hotel room

Some hotels may have the option of letting customers bid for their hotel rooms. When you bid, you state out the amount of money you can offer for something. It could be your lucky day to bid for a hotel room at a cheap rate.

Explore alternative hotel accommodations 

Since business is all about competition, many other hotels have put themselves out via the internet poaching for clients. If you are looking out for a cheaper hotel room, browsing through the internet for cheaper hotel room rates would be a guaranteed way to get you one. 


Money can be used in many ways. Instead of using it all up paying for a hotel room, do yourself good by looking out for cheaper hotel rooms. The extra money can always be spent on buying yourself or your loved ones something memorable. 

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