Great European Yoga Getaways

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Yoga breaks are an incredible way of spending some time with yourself, nurturing your health, and even preparing yourself for a major life-changing decision. In the past, Asia was perhaps rightly seen as the Elysium of yoga retreats, but if you are Stateside, Europe-based, or simply want to explore something new on your yoga odyssey, there are now many great options in Europe for you to choose from, from the rugged landscapes of Ireland to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

So, if you love yoga, and are looking for a European break in which you can relax and engage in your passion, then here are some of the most rewarding yoga getaways just waiting for you to explore.

YogaRosa, Ibiza

Ibiza has long been celebrated as a mystical and mythical isle, but perhaps has more recently been associated with an energetic party crowd. However, this is to do a huge disservice to an island that has a long history of yoga and meditation retreats. YogaRosa is a great example of a holistic approach that can be found on the island. Focusing almost single-mindedly on the practice of yoga, 8 and 10-day stays are available which will also allow you to enjoy the healthy Mediterranean cuisine on offer. Indeed, food is a passion of the staff and is integrated into the yoga program to complete the holistic approach that is used here. The food is fresh, healthy and locally-sourced, and will no doubt raise the bar even higher for this superb Ibiza yoga getaway.

Experience a surfing and yoga combo in the Algarve

Portugal is famous for its waves, and increasingly for its quality of yoga getaways. The nourish retreat combines both, as well as delicious, healthy meals, massages, and a host of other relaxing activities. The flexible packages allow for more or less surfing depending on your taste and add a cooking workshop for a truly all-round mindfulness experience. Lyengar yoga is the staple on offer here, and you will spend your time here surrounded by the natural beauty of the local pines and cypress trees. Relaxation will not be a problem, nor will a committed time to yoga, but if you do want to explore the retreat is based close to the nearby town of Lagos, and of course being a surfing retreat, the local beaches are a must to get around and explore.

“I am an experienced yoga instructor who has been on a number of retreats around the world, but I have to say I was immensely impressed by not only the quality of yoga on offer but also the array of activities to supplement the trip. Surfing really does complement yoga as being out there on the waves really reinforces the sense of self and oneness with nature,” enthuses Miriam Caan, a yoga instructor at Writemyx and Britstudent.

Take a yoga cruise in Turkey

Yep, yoga has gone ocean-faring. This unique yoga experience in the warm waters of the Turkish Mediterranean combines the serenity of yoga with the tranquillity of sailing. This week long adventure will be sure to provide a memorable experience that is perhaps somewhat different from your usual yoga getaway, but therein lies the charm. Spend your free time frolicking in the blue waters with a snorkel, or explore the local beaches. Even take the chance to visit some of the spectacular ancient ruins that are peppered around the landscapes here, but then be prepared for comprehensive sessions with the knowledgeable instructors.

Sli Na Bandé, Ireland

Enjoy true Irish charm in this unique offering on the Emerald Isle. Translated from Gaelic, the way of the goddess is an approach to sustainable living offering traditional Native American and Celtic Sweat Lodge treatments on the solstices, which are truly something to behold. This is a simple yet memorable retreat which would appeal to anyone with a love of nature, the land, and rugged beauty, and with a sense of adventure to match.

“This was full of surprises, and the unique Shamanic sweat lodge truly is an experience that needs to be had by everyone, once in their life, in my humble opinion, enthuses Brigid Cathcartt, a healing retreat manager at 1day2write and Nextcoursework.

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