Good Vibes All Around: 9 Ways to Increase the Positive Energy at Home

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Your home should be your safe and happy place! Creating as much positive energy at home as possible is a great way to make that true.

With 1 out of 4 Americans spending their time indoors without even going outside on a given day, having positive energy at home is key. While going outside to get some fresh air might be good for your health, people that work from home or are stay-at-home parents don’t always get that opportunity.

Creating a good environment at your home will allow you to fully enjoy your time indoors. Continue reading this article to learn how to make your home full of good vibes.

  1. Focus on the Front Door

Your front door has to do with your wealth. If your front door is in ill repair and doesn’t look attractive, this can decrease your wealth vibes and cause you to have problems in this area.

The entrance to your front door should be clear and clutter-free. You also need to take note of how the door opens. If it is difficult to get into your home, or it doesn’t seem welcoming, you need to remedy this right away.

Put a potted plant by your door and also put lighting on either side of your door.

  1. Clear the Air

You’ve heard the saying about clearing the air. While this usually means that you get a clearer understanding of what is going on in a relationship, you should also clear the air of your home.

Don’t keep the windows shut all the time. Open the windows and allow air to flow through. Turn on the ceiling fan and stir up the air.

If the area where you live is polluted, you need an air purifier to help get rid of the pollutants. You can use a Himalayan salt lamp to help the air around you as well. These salt lamps send negative ions into the air, which creates positive vibes.

  1. Analyze the Colors in Your Home

Each color in your space brings a different energy. If you hold black in one hand and yellow in the other, you’ll notice there are very different feelings that come with either color.

While there are many different meanings to colors, you don’t want to get lost in the sauce. Instead, look around at your home and see if your favorite colors are on display. As per olivenorma, you want to create a space where you feel your best and feel that the positive energy is being amplified by the colors around you. You want to create a space where you feel your best and feel that the positive energy is being amplified by the colors around you.

  1. Goodbye Painful Memories

While some people might think it is good to keep things around that remind you of your past — this is only true in part.

There is no reason to keep photos, clothes, furniture, and other things that remind you of negative experiences in your life. It doesn’t matter if someone has given it to you as a gift, you paid a lot of money for it, or any other situation. If it doesn’t make you happy and give you the best vibes — get rid of it.

  1. Pamper Your Pets

We love our fur babies, and when they are happy — we are happy. You know the things your pets love like long walks in nature, their favorite toys, delicious treats, and more.

The happier and more content your pets are, the higher vibe your home is going to feel.

  1. Place Spiritual Stones

Putting spiritual stones around your home can give you the good vibes you’re looking for. There are a lot of different stones you can choose from and understanding stones and their meanings will allow you to get the ones that are best for you.

Consider Jasper for protection, Rose Quartz for harmony and love, and Peridot for increased joy.

  1. Crank up the Music

There is a reason restaurant play music. The music you choose makes a big difference in how everyone feels.

You don’t have to turn the music up super loud. You can have the music on in the background, and it will make your home feel much more enjoyable.

Set the mood you want in the home by the type of music you play. Putting on calm but upbeat music allows for a positive homey vibe.

  1. Turn up Your Creativity

When you have a creative outlet space in your home, the vibes will be high. You don’t have to do anything that is outlandish. Creativity could come out in something as simple as finger painting.

Think about some of the favorite things you used to do from your childhood and set up some of those things in your home. Having a specific space to create will ensure you’ll use your creativity more often.

  1. Make Your Bed

Are you one of those people that hop out of bed without a thought? Making your bed sets the tone for the day and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Making your bed makes the whole room look better and will make you want to clean the rest of the room to make it look its best. When you walk into your bedroom, it feels welcoming and reassuring because everything has space, and everything is in its place.

Creating Positive Energy at Home

Now you know how to create positive energy at home. Implementing one or all of these tips will allow you and those you love to feel good when you’re at your house.

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