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Canadian pop artist, who goes by the Italian-derived name Allegra Jordyn, has just released her newest single, “Numb.” The song is also accompanied by an imaginatively produced music video which Allegra herself helped to direct and edit. 

The song and video alike carry similar messaging: “‘Numb’ is what I like to call my anti-party anthem, and I think the video actively shows this,” she says about the piece. “I wrote it at a time where I was suffering mentally, but refused to let myself become numb to deal with my problems like people around me would do. It was the clear first single on the EP for me.”

The listener can be swayed by the nostalgic drums and reverbed guitar which are all a byproduct of an amazingly timed-out piano progression. Producer Chris Grey may have chosen every note tediously, but he delivered an incredibly effortless flow of sound. Allegra’s beautiful silky voice mixed over the backtrack makes for an incredibly likable, and not to mention, danceable, single. 

The video comes to the viewer’s eyes in shades of pink, purple and blue, illuminating Allegra Jordyn as she makes her way around abandoned solo cups and balloons after a party. The events of the night suggested the numbness was beginning to take over, as she can then be seen staring into a static TV. 

“Numb” offers a classic yet fresh take on the evergreen experience of nightlife and unhealthy feelings and behaviors one may experience in the cycle of partying. Allegra was able to emphasize the fact that she will not let herself become numb as a result of seeing others do just that in her environment. 

Allegra Jordyn // Numb (Official Music Video)

“Numb” is available for streaming and download here

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